June and July Video Game Report

Dear Esther Chemical Formula

I forgot to do June last month, so a double header this time.

Contraption Maker (4 hours)

I continued to play and entertain Scarlett with my puzzle-solving skills.

Spelunky (17 minutes)

Dan donated to my Extra Life charity drive and forced me to do a butt-load of pushups. (An arm-load, really)

Civ V (1 hour)

I barely advance our multiplayer games as the timing just doesn’t quite work out between the three of us to go any faster.

Dear Esther (2 hrs)

I heard about this game a long, long time ago. I couldn’t remember much about it, but I was curious what all the buzz was about. It’s a pretty great experience, once again showcasing how video games can tell stories in a similar, but different way than movies. I didn’t like it as much as The Stanley Parable, but I did like it quite a bit. Also, for the first time, Tony showed up in Youtube chat while I was playing a game and that was fun.

Back to Bed (20 minutes)

I got this game as part of a Humble Bundle. It’s a strange puzzle game about a narcoleptic that takes place in a dream world that’s a mix of Salvador Dali and an Escher Drawing. It’s fun because the dream logic means you have to use an interesting logic to figure out how to get this guy back to his bed. It reminds me of how I had to twist my brain to solve the puzzles in Portal.