Exploring Photography with Eric: Ep 01- Gels on Speedlights

I’ve been watching Gavin Hoey’s GREAT series on studio lighting. While he has a better studio than I do, he still has a small home studio so I find his advice and tutorials match what I’m able to accomplish. When I saw this video (https://youtu.be/PIoWwx-elCE) I really wanted to try it out.

So join me as I figure out what it takes to replicate the results in my home studio. My intention with the Exploring Photography series is for you to see me figure out how to accomplish my task. I figure that by seeing me figure things it, it’ll help you learn instead of me just telling you what I’ve done without showing what didn’t work and why it didn’t work.

Thanks to the guys or gals on reddit who helped me know that I was on the right track and help me figure out what to do on my second day. (https://www.reddit.com/r/AskPhotograp…)

Here are the images from the video: