Top 200 Photos: #79

Another visit to Otakon for today’s Top 200 Photo.

photo #79 is:
That Hat Looks Like a Prop from a Tim Burton Movie

Views-wise this photo is where I thought the red Cowboy photo would be. Both feature semi-nude women. However, what actually attracted me to photograph these women was the crazy hat the girl on the right is wearing. As a kid I was a HUGE fan of Dr Seuss and Tim Burton’s style seems, to me, to be a darker version of the Seussian style. Her hat reminded me of this style.

I’ve never seen the anime Soul Eater, which is where these costumes come from, but tv tropes backs up my sentiment.

“The series is basically what happens when the plots of Shaman King and Harry Potter are pulsed together in a blender, Studio BONES is put in charge of the animation, and what appears to be the world’s biggest Tim Burton fan is hired as animation director.“