Upgrading SuperMario to Fedora 23 Part 2

For some reason gazebo-doc the Fedora 22 version conflicted with the Fedora 23 version so I had to delete that. Also, despite the system claiming that it would not have to download the packages again, it appeared to not actually work that way – at least the second time I ran things. (After removing Kernel-debug packages to get more space in /boot)

Overall, everything went relatively well. The only bad thing is that there was not a kmod-nvidia available for my current kernel in Fedora 23 so I had to boot into my old kernel in order to have the benefits of the proprietary driver. So later today if there’s time I’m going to see if there’s a kmod-nvidia for this kernel in rpmfusion-testing that I could install. Otherwise, I’ll just keep checking every few days and stay on the older kernel until then.

So that’s 2/4 Fedora computers in the house upgraded.