Header 1.0

My stats say there have already been 43 visits today, so some of you may have seen the header while in its state of flux. After talking it over with the wife (who also thinks the new theme looks more pro! yay!) and sleeping on it, I got the header to about 1.0 stage. I have a couple ideas on how I want to punch it up a bit more, but I want to give myself some time to mull it over.

On the plus side, the new CSS editor for WP 3.6 is awesome. Basically, it allows the blog owner to have a style sheet that loads after everything else. So if you just want to make some changes to the styles you don’t have to go through all the trouble of making a child theme. (You should make a child theme if you’re changing the theme’s files or you won’t be able to upgrade the theme without losing your changes) I was able to use that to move the blog’s title to where I want it instead of trying (and failing) to reimplement it in the image. I may still move it around – I have to see what works best, especially considering how things are moved around in the responsive theme.