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  • Fixed Headers and Comment Policy

    Cleaned up the header menus (it was really bugging me that the second row only had one entry on most desktop computers) and added a Comment Policy page.

  • Header 1.0

    My stats say there have already been 43 visits today, so some of you may have seen the header while in its state of flux. After talking it over with the wife (who also thinks the new theme looks more pro! yay!) and sleeping on it, I got the header to about 1.0 stage. I […]

  • New Header Image

    Just got the new header image up. At least the first draft of it. I’m CLOSE to where I want to be with the header, but it’s going to take some thinking about it to see exactly what I want to change. Slowly, but surely, the website is moving towards what I want it to […]