My Early to Mid-April Photojojo Timecapsule

It’s my photojojo time capsule from early to mid-April.  Interestingly, the Tampa Bay Rays were playing Baltimore early in April and they did that again this year.  Do they always play the same teams in the same schedule?  Also, the first photo from my 365 was in the capsule.

Scoreboard and 1 Strikeout

Day One

Coming in on a Home Run

Pictures at the Ball Park

Third Baseman Coming

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  1. The schedule isn’t identical from year to year, but the Orioles and the Rays both play in the same division and division rivals are slated to play more games against each other than any other team during the year. Chances are high that the Rays, Yankees, Red Sox, or Blue Jays will be in town at least once in any given month.