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  • Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigers

    Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigers

    Going back to where I was before posting Halloween costume photos, a baseball game I went to as part of Dan’s wedding festivities. Got some good shots relative to my usual luck. Had to push things a bit to be able to get the shutter speed I needed so the ISO’s a bit higher than…

  • Scarlett Plays Catch with her Glove for the First Time

    Scarlett Plays Catch with her Glove for the First Time

    Danielle bought Scarlett her first baseball glove and I was curious to see how her first attempt at catch would go. Here is a video of that first try: And some stills: What do you think? Sports in her future? Or nerd like her dad?

  • Mid May Photojojo

    This photojojo photography time capsule consists of one Orioles game and then photos from the birthday trip to Chicago we took for my dad’s birthday.

  • May 2010 Desktop Calendar

    By request, here’s a baseball themed calendar for May now that baseball is in full swing. for square monitors: for widescreen monitors:

  • My Early to Mid-April Photojojo Timecapsule

    It’s my photojojo time capsule from early to mid-April.  Interestingly, the Tampa Bay Rays were playing Baltimore early in April and they did that again this year.  Do they always play the same teams in the same schedule?  Also, the first photo from my 365 was in the capsule.

  • Fun on a Sunday Afternoon

    Danielle and I went to Rockburn Branch Park today to throw a ball around and maybe ride bike.  We ended up not riding bike because we didn’t like the trail too much and my water bottle holder came loose from my bike.  So we grabbed our gloves and brand new baseballs (we lost our previous…

  • Orioles Photos Part 1

    Saturday, I went to the Orioles v Angels game. Here are some of the shots I got:

  • Another example of the perils of DRM

    Time and again I’ve warned my readers of the perils of DRM.  (Specifically here and here).  That’s why I don’t buy music on iTunes and have given all of my digital music patronage to Amazon.com.  Even my wife, who’s not as into FOSS and all that as I am, has become disgusted as she’s understood…