Peter and the Wolf at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

BSO Ready for Pulcinella and Peter and the Wolf
The BSO Warms up for the Concert

Danielle and I recently went to see “Peter and the Wolf” at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.  Danielle and I both grew up watching the Disney animated adaption of “Peter and the Wolf” and we loved the idea of being able to listen to the music as performed by the BSO.  I don’t care how amazing the speakers are in your home theater system, nothing sounds as amazing as the orchestra.

Because we usually end up having to eat dinner too early or too late when we go to the symphony, we decided to go to the early performance.  I was afraid that the combination of the subject matter and time of day would mean that Danielle and I would be the only adults there without children.  It turns out that something like 90% of the people there with us were old people – like in their 50s and 60s.  In fact, when we exited, we saw lots of buses for local retirement homes who had brought the seniors over to watch the orchestra.

Ballet Dancers in Pulcinella
Ballet Dancers in Pulcinella

Since Danielle booked the tickets, I didn’t know we were actually there for a double header. The first piece was from Pulcinella.  It was a cute ballet and had some neat music.  Then came “Peter and the Wolf”.  The music was great and so was the narrator, although she did put a bit of a kiddie spin on her narration.  Danielle and I were nearly dancing along in our seats with joy as we saw our childhood cartoon in its original form for the first time.  Overall, it was definitely worth the money and time.