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  • Animal Portraits from Baltimore Zoo

    Animal Portraits from Baltimore Zoo

    Back in March we went to the Baltimore Zoo and I took my 120-400mm lens. I think this may be the first time I’d taken that lens to this Zoo (although I’d taken it quite a few times to the National Zoo in DC). I took lots of photos, but some didn’t come out the […]

  • The Papermoon Diner

    The Papermoon Diner

    When Dan and Katie were last in town, they invited Scarlett and I out to the Papermoon Diner. If you’ve seen John Waters movies and wondered if that Baltimore still exists, it certainly has one enclave at the Papermoon Diner. If you’ve been to a TGI Friday’s or a Chili’s you’ve seen restaurants with crap […]

  • The Reward for Uncovering the Truth….

    …is pretty universal: punishment. The man who recorded one of two videos showing Baltimore cops dragging a screaming Freddie Gray into the back of a police van was arrested Thursday night, two days after voicing concerns that police were trying to intimidate him by plastering his photo all over the news, saying they wanted to […]

  • Something Needs to Change

    Something Needs to Change

    For the past two years we’ve had increasing evidence that something needs to change in the police/neighborhood dynamic. But Fergusson, New York City, and Baltimore are only the tip of the iceburg in every sense of the metaphor. If, like me, you follow the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Boing Boing, and other organizations committed to justice, […]

  • Peter and the Wolf at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

    Danielle and I recently went to see “Peter and the Wolf” at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.  Danielle and I both grew up watching the Disney animated adaption of “Peter and the Wolf” and we loved the idea of being able to listen to the music as performed by the BSO.  I don’t care how amazing […]

  • Otakon 2009

    For the first time since moving here, I found out about Otakon ahead of time. Unfortunately, the economics didn’t work out we didn’t buy tickets. But I did go to hang out outside Otakon on Saturday to get some photos. Lessons learned: Remember what you learned in Hawaii and don’t be afraid to approach people. […]

  • Babalu Grill in Baltimore, MD is a horrible dance club

    Their food may or may not be worth the price, I’ve never been there for dinner. However, I do know that their club is crap. I would have to say that tonight was definitely the worst experience I’ve ever had in terms of going out for a night of fun. First of all, I got […]

  • Finally, dominoes that won’t be knocked over while setting up!

    Back to Basics – Bullet Physics Engine Dominoes Part 1 from djotaku on Vimeo

  • Funky Weather

    I don’t know if it’s Global Warming or El Niño, but 2 weeks ago in the Baltimore-DC area it was 70 degrees and outside in a tank top in January. This week, in fact, yesterday or so, it’s snowing in Dallas, Texas! I’m hearing this has ruined orange, lemon, and avocado crops. What the heck […]

  • Everything has a price

    You may know, because they are relatively famous examples, that in British citizens wishing to enter inner London streets during peak times have to pay a toll. This was enacted based on the economic premise of marginal benefit. In case it’s been a while since you took Econ101, marginal benefit is the amount of money […]