Operating Systems and Sociology

Penguin Pete has started a very interesting view of what drives people to use certain operating systems. You may find part one a little heavy, especially if you don’t know the history behind it. Basically, Pete has been slammed quite a few times for his blasphemous viewpoint that Ubuntu is a watered down version of Linux that doesn’t always show users the true spirit of Linux. Part two is a witty, well written historical (and fanciful) acount of how we arrived at the current situation. The fractionalization of the three main OSes is the subject of Part Three.

If you’re curious about how we arrived at the current computing environment, I suggest checking it out.  Pete’s got a great style and I think there’s a lot to learn.

2 responses to “Operating Systems and Sociology”

  1. Awww, thanks for the linky love! I was encouraged by the comments and debate, and the parallel commentary in Linux.com call to retire the phrase “ready for the desktop”.

    There be some common sense left alive somewhere!

  2. It was a great series. I’m sure it was tiring to do such a great job seven times in a row, but I’d like to see more Penguin Pete “mini-series”.