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  • Introspection

    My blog has always contained some degree of introspection.  It has varied based on my interests at the time.  While it’s not impossible to include some self-examination in a Linux review, it’s certainly not par for the course.  But, recently, reading Min and Kailyn’s blogs recently has inspired me to try and include some more […]

  • Dan gets shiny new blog URL

    And we just about got all the kinks worked out. So update your links to point to

  • Blog Review: I bring nothing to the table

    First mentioned in this post , Dan’s been blogging on this server for just over a year.  So how has the blog come along in these 13 months?  Very well, I’d say.  By the Google search results metric, Dan is doing very well.  He’s been driving the bulk of our Google search related traffic with […]

  • Blog Review: Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog

    Jeffrey Friedl and I share a few similarities: we both are computer programmers, love photography, and enjoy blogging. Unlike me, however, Jeff is an expat living in Japan. Also unlike me, he has a great photo blog. Jeff documents his travels throughout the islands of Japan as well as his daily life in his blog.  […]

  • Twitter-like Post: A look into Cornell’s Past

    I am just sharing this because it’s about my alma mater, it’s a little funny in a geeky way, and I like Mark’s blog. Check out this story about CIT and Cornell labs.

  • History Meme

    [emesa@mario ~]$ uname -a Linux mario.mushroomkingdom #1 SMP Sat Apr 19 12:39:34 EDT 2008 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux [emesa@mario ~]$ history | awk ‘{a[$2]++}END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’ | sort -rn | head 176 ls 172 eog 81 ./ 80 cd 61 ./ 58 mplayer 51 ./ 36 mv 28 24 […]

  • Microsoft DRM Metldown Redux

    As I mentioned here, Micro$oft has provided yet another example of why digital restrictions management does nothing but hurt legitimate consumers.  To remind you, this is when Microsoft turned off the servers for its ironically named “playsforsure” DRM system.  These songs, which consumers would told, would play for sure on any digital media player containing […]

  • Operating Systems and Sociology

    Penguin Pete has started a very interesting view of what drives people to use certain operating systems. You may find part one a little heavy, especially if you don’t know the history behind it. Basically, Pete has been slammed quite a few times for his blasphemous viewpoint that Ubuntu is a watered down version of […]

  • Dan’s got a brand new blog

    And it is hilarious!  So Dan finally got around to updating the blog I created for him on my server.  He gave it a pretty witty name “I Bring Nothing To The Table” which is a great pun on our last name.  (Although I recently found out he saw it on a T-shirt, so, while […]

  • Scott Adams once again was playing philosopher the other day and tackled a pretty important topic: fairness. Imagine trying to “fairly” divide ten identical marbles between two kids. You could give five marbles to each kid, wave your arms and declare it fair. The kids would probably agree with this arrangement. The illusion of fairness […]

  • Bizzarre Stats

    I don’t know wtf is going on with Google, but according to my web stats, 66 of you came here looking for info on anime conventions (this month alone). I’ve never talked much about them except to put up a picture of someone from an anime convention. It was this one or two: Apparently there […]

  • Andrew’s comments on Imus (and my response)

    Andrew’s post on Imus and his firing prompted a response from me. I decided that since I hold a dim view that other sites may exist in the future, that I will post select bits from his post and my full response. By clicking on that link you can see his whole post and my […]

  • Andrew

    I replied to your Iran comment with something nearly long enough to be a blog post. Looking forward to any future debate on that thread.

  • Tax Cuts Explained with a story

    Whenever one political party expresses wishes to give a fixed percentage tax cut to all Americans, the other party portrays it as tax cuts for the rich. (I’ve complained on this blog about this before) Their proof: the rich get back a few thousand bucks while the poor only get back a few hundred. The […]

  • Having trouble understanding the open source movement? Just think of fruit!

    Tristan Rhodes has come up with a great analysis of Open Source vs Proprietary software by using fruit. It’s on the same par as Neal Stephenson using the car metaphor to describe Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here are some of the key arguments that I loved. Mabolosoft is a company that sells seedless fruit. They […]