In Mohammad We Trust?

This news is a few weeks old, but I’m behind on my “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” podcasts. However, a congressman said that we have to be really careful with dealing with Iraq and Iran (meaning bomb the stuffing out of them) or else our money may one day read, “In Mohammad We Trust.”

Hey you moronic, racist/religioust, jerk – does our money say, “In Jesus We Trust?” If your improbable scenario were to play out, our money would read “In Allah We Trust” and everyone knows that Allah == God. Therefore it would say the same thing it says now.

In fact, I will repeat again for the sake of my readers – most people in the middle east get mad when we are translating their words from Arabic to English and then don’t translate the word Allah. It makes it look, they say, as though they worship some other god named Allah. In fact, they believe in the same god as the Jews and Christians. The Jews call him Yhwh/Jehovah/Emmanuel, we call him God, and the Muslims call him Allah. You may even notice that both Jehovah and Allah end in “ah”. That’s because “ah” means god. Allah means, as far as I can tell The God. (From the fact that alchemy, another arabic word, means the chemistry)

I’m sick and tired of these congressmen and women playing to xenophobic fears people have about Muslims. For like the sixth time, we may view the current Shia on Sunni action as barbaric, but we did it all throughout semi-modern history in Europe with the Catholics and Protestants. We should not be scared of them any more than we are scared of Jews, Hindus, or Shintoists.

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