Linux Tidbits

In an interesting game of Russian dolls Techalign released Pioneer Linux, based on Ubuntu, which in turn is based upon the venerable Debian Linux. Technically, they’ve based it off of Kubuntu which is a KDE spinoff of Ubuntu; they aren’t even using Ubuntu proper. So when they send patches upstream, are they sending them to Ubuntu or Debian? Check out their free version, live CD, or pay version.

Red Hat is moving from the Nasdaq to the New York Stock Exchange. Great for the bean counters, probably won’t mean much for us.

Debian Etch is frozen! Looks like they are only slightly behind on getting Debian 4.0 out there. This is great after taking years to get to 3.0, they only took 1 year to get to 4.0. Since [I would wager] MOST spinoff distros are based off of Debian, it pays to have it be a little more stable. Plus, that’s Debian’s image. When Mandrake changed to Mandriva and lost their reputation as the cutting edge distro, nearly everyone left!

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