Mayor Ray Nagin should not be allowed to speak

The man who was in trouble last year for saying, “New Orleans, at the end of the day, will be a chocolate city….” is now in trouble for remarks he made last night on CBS’ 60 Minutes. The reporter asked him why, after a year, New Orleans was a mess. He replied, “Look, you guys in New York City can’t fix a hole in the ground, and it’s been five years. So let’s be fair.” The “hole in the ground” he referred to? The former site of the Twin Towers, also known as Ground Zero. Just like the chocolate city remark, which was meant to reflect tensions that aftrican americans may not have the money to return to New Orleans, this new remark is a great example of one of those things you may think to yourself or tell your close friends. However, it’s not something to say on Tv if you are a mayor, especially if you have a history of saying things people find offensive. Then again, he DID get reelected after his chocolate city remarks, so maybe it’s a noteriety thing which will benefit him in the end.


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