Crazy things….

This is not one coherent post, but a post about crazy things that have recently occurred.

Crazy thing number 1: New York City Mayer, Mike Bloomberg, has announced that from now on the building code in NYC will state that for every toilet in a men’s room there must be two toilets in the women’s room. This, he hopes, will ameliorate the age-old problem of women’s bathrooms having ridiculously long lines when compared to a men’s room. He joked that he would no longer need to wait outside the women’s room for his wife.

Crazy thing number 2: I had been trying to setup email forwarding for my Cornell account before they delete it. I kept getting an error every time I did it so I emailed Cornell. They told me that people have been having trouble signing up with Netscape and Firefox that I should use IE. As you guys know, this infuriates me! So I said, “What could I use instead of Internet Explorer?” On a whim I decided to use elinks. elinks, for those of you who don’t know, is a text-based web browser. There is no GUI at all. Yet, IT WORKED! So the latest browser doesn’t work, but one based on ancient technology does. Go figure!

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