Want to subscribe to It’s A Binary World 2.0’s RSS feeds?

What’s RSS? It is a syndication protocal allowing you to get people’s blogs and news websites’ headlines delivered to your email or web browser client so that you don’t need to surf to each and every one of them to read them. You can also save them onto your computer for future reading!

Wow, that sounds great! How do I get It’s A Binary World 2.0 Syndications?
It’s very easy, especially if you are using Mozilla’s Thunderbird. In Thunderbird, simply click on “manage subscriptions” under “news and blogs” and then click add. You want to have the url:


Don’t forget the http:// or it won’t work, I know if you’re like me the browsers have made you lazy because they don’t require you to type that in.

By the way, if you like not getting viruses or a lot a spam, switch to Thunderbird. You can even check your hotmail accounts if you download some extra plugins.