I finally had an awesome enough computer to run Gnome and KDE! I was so excited and downloaded Super Karamber, gdesklets, and all the other eye candy I could never enjoy on my old Linux box. (which is now serving as a debian print server) However, having used Fluxbox so long on the old computer caused me to long for fluxbox. There was something I just liked about it. Perhaps it was the inobtrusivness which comes from a lack a large program menu or maybe it was right-clicking for programs or the way I did almost everything in a term window. So I was getting a little tired of having Gnome in Spanish, as I had switched it to about a month ago for fun so I decided it was time to end my session and start a new one. I always wanted to take advantage of having a GUI with a low memory profile since I wanted to begin working on Cinelerra (see my tutorial tomorrow), which takes up quite a bit of RAM.

Boy am I glad I went to Fluxbox! It was always VERY fast to load, but on this box (512 ram 2 Ghz AMD) we’re talking INSTANTANEOUS! Usually Gkrellm had the unfortunate task of telling me that I have 28 MB of RAM left, this time 318! (after opening thunderbird, xchat, gaim, and gkrellm) And that’s another thing! All the programs have been opening fast on my machine, (faster than equiv windows programs in some cases) but all these opened a LOT faster in Fluxbox than Gnome or KDE. I’m glad I came back “home”.


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