He’s cheating on his wife? With a gay man?!?

A Pastor with ties to the White House, Republicans, and Anti-Gay Marriage stuff in Colorado has been accused of having an affair with a gay man. Now, the elections are just 4 days away, so the first thing I thought was – this is TOO perfect. This has to have been made up to defame […]

Mayor Ray Nagin should not be allowed to speak

The man who was in trouble last year for saying, “New Orleans, at the end of the day, will be a chocolate city….” is now in trouble for remarks he made last night on CBS’ 60 Minutes. The reporter asked him why, after a year, New Orleans was a mess. He replied, “Look, you guys […]

Just a reminder

As the British (and even some Americans) begin discussing the possibility of racial profiling after this latest foiled airplane terrorism plot, we should remember that not all terrorists are Arabs or Middle-Eastern-looking. Take, for example, the worst terrorist attack in the US prior to the attacks of 11 Sept 2001 – The Oklahoma City Bombing. […]