The Pope is Wrong

I can just see it in some extremist planning area:

Extremist 1: Hey, the Pope said we were a violent people!

Extremist 2: What a jerk! What should we do in protest?
Extremist 1: Let’s bomb churches and kill a nun!

Extremist 2: Excellent, that will clearly prove him wrong!

See the irony? Why don’t they?


One response to “The Pope is Wrong”

  1. “Islam is a peace-loving religion. Anyone who thinks otherwise will be mercilessly slaughtered in sneaky, underhanded ways that may involve suicide bombing or beheading on Al Jazeera.”

    Yeah, peace loving my eye… There are peaceful Muslims, and the extremists I don’t think represent the whole religion, but… Seriously… When your response to everything is “Let’s get pissed off and blow something up”, that presents issues with your ideals…