Just a reminder

As the British (and even some Americans) begin discussing the possibility of racial profiling after this latest foiled airplane terrorism plot, we should remember that not all terrorists are Arabs or Middle-Eastern-looking. Take, for example, the worst terrorist attack in the US prior to the attacks of 11 Sept 2001 – The Oklahoma City Bombing. The terrorists in that plot, which blew up a federal building and killed many people, were white guys. In fact, although I was young at the time, I remember them saying in the news that they had delayed in capturing the guys and even had given them the chance to get away because they were looking for Arabs instead of white guys. So think about that before you start racial profiling. Also think of the DC Sniper – a black man. There are a lot of people who hate the US government or just like to kill people and they don’t all have “al” or “bin” in their name.

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  1. Great point. I actually just finished reading the book “The Copper Scroll” by Joel C. Rosenberg (review to be blogged soon). The main terrorists were Italians (albeit italians hired by Arabs). Spectacular book, though. I’m about to start on Rosenberg’s first two, “The Last Jihad” and “The Last Days”. Finally got them in at work, and they’re eerily spot on with current events despite being written/published before them (“Jihad” starts off with a hijacking of a commercial jet (albeit a small learjet and not a jumbo jet) and was written in January of 2001, “Days” has the death of Yasser Arafat, published 13 months before Arafat died, Rosenberg’s “Ezekiel Option” involves Iran becoming a Nuclear power and forming an alliance against Israel with Russia… =) It’s interesting when yo\u examine current events in the region and note that truth is turning out to be stranger than fiction.