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  • Changing To a Block-Based Theme (Twenty Twenty-Two)

    Interestingly enough, I was originally exploring whether to change to the new Bjork theme I’d just heard about. Unfortunately, unlike previous theme changes, it required me to completely redo my homepage while the page was live. It was NOT a good experience. But I did start playing around with the built-in themes. For the past […]

  • Changing Themes After 4 Years

    One day last week I was a little bored at lunchtime so I started clicking on the WordPress Dashboard links to different developer blogs.  Turns out WordPress 3.6 is coming out soon and it’s going to focus on bringing post formats to the fore and creating a consistent way of handling them within the database. […]

  • Changing Themes Again

    I last changed themes in April 2008.  It hasn’t quite been a year yet, but as was the trigger last time, the latest version of wordpress doesn’t work with this theme.  Last time it was tags and the time before that it was widgets.  Now I want a theme that fully supports WordPress 2.7 – […]

  • This’ll work for now…

    I found a WordPress theme that I mostly like called Hal 5.0.  I think the top image is a little over the top, but the overall theme is ok.  I edited the font size up from the default – the font designer must have amazing eyesight.  I also added in tag listings into the blog […]

  • Changing themes again

    This theme is really annoying me, mostly because it’s a fixed width theme.  That means that the theme doesn’t expand if you expand your Window or have a wide screen monitor.  Mostly, it means annoying things like this blog post title.  As you can see, it cuts into the metadata such as the date/time.  Also […]