Changing Themes Again

I last changed themes in April 2008.  It hasn’t quite been a year yet, but as was the trigger last time, the latest version of wordpress doesn’t work with this theme.  Last time it was tags and the time before that it was widgets.  Now I want a theme that fully supports WordPress 2.7 – especially the threading of comments and other such features.  I believe I have found one that works.  Also, with my current theme it has that annoying large header at the top.  My dad didn’t even realize I had linked him to my blog.  He thought that header image was what he was suppopsed to look at.  I also think it’s interesting that this new theme is a brownish colour as was my original Tripod-hosted blog.  Here are some images of the current theme for historical reasons

4 responses to “Changing Themes Again”

  1. Also got rid of the Easy Gravatars plugin as wordpress now has it built in and I didn’t need it anymore. It REALLY cleaned up my comments – the comments sections of each post and the “recent comments” widget look A LOT better now.

  2. Thank you for changing the theme! That last one was quite an assault on the eyes. It actually crashed Firefox once while I was trying out a distro (ok it probably wasn’t your site’s fault lol.)

    Anyway I am really digging this theme. It’s very nice to look at and makes it much easier to find what you are looking for.