January Snow Day

Since becoming a parent it’s been a common theme of the blog that I find it fascinating experiencing the kids getting older and, therefore, more able to process the world around them. This winter was the first time the twins could be out in the snow for more than just a few minutes. Not only were they more able to weather the cold, but they were also strong enough to move around in the snow without too much frustration. They were also finally able to have a snowball fight. Although, watch Sam’s face closely from beginning to end in the following video, it’s priceless:

Snowball fight

Because Stella often makes one work REALLY hard for a smile, I really love this photo.

Hurray for SNOW!

Of course, the twins aren’t the only ones who are getting more skilled at getting around in the snow. Scarlett continues to grow and get stronger, of course. So now she’s better able to pull the twins on the sled.

“Let’s Go Exploring!”

Because I didn’t grow up in the north, I though snow angles must be some amazing thing to do because everyone always does it in the movies and cartoons. When I finally got to do it, I thought it was pretty darned over-rated. But maybe it’s because I was just about in middle school the first time I saw snow?

Snow Angels

I wonder if I’ll regain a sense of playfulness in the snow in a couple years when the kids are old enough that they won’t require any help from me whatsoever. Of course, if I’m playing with them, I’m not able to take photos (since snow is wet and cameras hate water). But that’s always the trade-off with parenting isn’t it? I tend to mostly just hang around rather than take photos most days, but since we only get this much snow about once a year – I tend to want to capture it. But sometimes the kids want you to play no matter what.

A snowball for dad!

Obviously, this blog is a curated experience. It should be obvious, anyway, but I keep seeing all these articles about how people in their 20s and 30s are getting plastic surgery to look like Instagram in real life rather than realizing that Instagram is fake. (To see a whole movie related to the phenomenon – see Ingrid Goes West) Anyway, it’s pretty hard to get all three kids to want to take a photo together despite what you might see on the blog. So I was pretty happy to get this one. I also love it more for the fact that it’s not a “perfect” portrait:

A Cold Sibling Portrait

And I’ll end with a couple more of my favorite photos from that day:

Enter the woods?
Done Adventuring

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