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  • Danielle and Sam flying a kite

    Back in March it was an incredibly windy day so we decided to go to the park to fly a kite. I also took my DSLR because it’d been some time since I’d used it and thought I might get some good shots. This one was my favorite one and I thought it really captured…

  • January Snow Day

    Since becoming a parent it’s been a common theme of the blog that I find it fascinating experiencing the kids getting older and, therefore, more able to process the world around them. This winter was the first time the twins could be out in the snow for more than just a few minutes. Not only…

  • Sam and Stella enjoying the fall leaves

    Sam and Stella enjoying the fall leaves

    If there’s one pleasure I was denied by growing up in Florida, it was getting to play with the fall leaves. (Of course, I was spared having to rake them – something that takes me a good afternoon here if I do it well). But my kids get to enjoy it. Sam’s expression notwithstanding, I…

  • Twin 3rd Birthday Portraits

    Twin 3rd Birthday Portraits

    Just as with the farm portraits, this year both kids were enthusiastic about the portraits. I was bracing for Sam to once again hate the idea of portraits, but his urge to do what his sisters were doing was stronger – or maybe he’s just over whatever he hated about it last year. I’m really…

  • 2018 Pumpkin Patch Portraits

    2018 Pumpkin Patch Portraits

    Another year and the kids grow older. Last year was a disaster – the twins did NOT want their photos taken. We didn’t get any good portraits. This time everyone was game and we got good portraits – at least the first time around. When we reconvened a little later, the kids were over the…

  • The Kids at the Park

    Funny thing about this is that I could say this reflects their moods, but really only Stella is being genuinely Stella. Usually you can’t catch Sam without a smile on his face (although he *is* going through the whiny 2 year old phase), and Scarlett’s the most neutral.

  • I just love how intense Noah looks about bubbles

  • Sam at the Park

  • Mt. Vernon

    Mt. Vernon

    Danielle and I went to Mount Vernon back when we first moved here and were exploring new things to do in our free time that were unique to the area. We’d thought of bringing our parents to see Washington’s house and property, but the timing never quite worked out – you really want to visit…

  • Easter at the Farm

    Easter at the Farm

    This Easter we went to the farm so they kids could hunt for eggs there and then enjoy the farm. Unlike my childhood, Easter’s pretty cold up here as you can see. It’s pretty ridiculous to me, considering almost my entire childhood consisted of going to the local park. Stella’s been enjoying horseback riding for…

  • Sam and Stella’s First Disney Trip

    Sam and Stella’s First Disney Trip

    Back in November we took the twins on their first trip to Disney. This time around Scarlett wasn’t as interested in the parades as she was last time, but the twins were REALLY into them. Surprisingly, both twins ended up warming up to the characters. Sam’s reluctance with Mickey on the first day made me…

  • Playing with Snow

    First substantial snow of the season happened in December and it was warm enough for the kids to go play outside. A few shots from that day:

  • Columbus Day 2016 at the Park

    Columbus Day 2016 at the Park

    I took Sam and Stella to the park on Columbus Day (Scarlett was in school) and they were finally old enough that I could step back to take photos while they worked their way through the jungle gym.

  • A Fall Visit to the Farm

    A Fall Visit to the Farm

    Back in October, we went to the pumpkin patch to do our annual pumpkin patch portraits. Unfortunately, the twins were not amenable so we just did the other farm activities.

  • Halloween 2017

    Halloween 2017

    Jumping forward (I’m still generally working on photos from August because I’ve fallen behind with other responsibilities and playing some video games for Extra Life), we get to Halloween photos. Once again these awesome costumes were sewn by my mother-in-law.