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  • 2013 Video Games Report and Game of the Year

    Civilization V (48.5 hrs): As is usually the case, spent a ton of time with Civilization this year. Played about 3.5 hours less than last year, but had way more fun by playing with Dan and Dave. Things have gone a little slower recently because we’ve all been away for the holidays, but I actually […]

  • April 2013 Video Games Report

    In addition to the game I played this month, I’ve decided from now on to  include a running total of the top games to see if/how they change with time. For example, when I wasn’t paying attention, Saints Row: The Third made the Top 7.  (Which, raptr, is a weird number.  Usually these things are […]

  • March Video Game Report

    Saints Row: The Third (3 hrs) – I finished Saint’s Row: The Third in March. Overall, my enjoyment suffered a bit from a lack of play, but it was necessary due to planning for Scarlett’s birthday and starting a new semester of my graduate work. In the final mission you’re given a choice of pursuing […]

  • January & February 2013 Video Game Report

    Saint’s Row: The Third (15 hrs) – I played a lot of fun missions, including Deckers.die, but in order to get there I had to get Dan’s help on this helicopter escort mission.  It was fun having him join in.  I might need him in March as I finish up the game.   Quantum Conundrum […]

  • 2012 Video Games Report and Game of the Year

    First of all, a quick reminder that my Game of the Year doesn’t necessarily have to come out in 2012.  Because I don’t have the time to dedicate to video games, the price premium of buying it new rarely makes sense to me.  So my Game of the Year will be my favorite game that […]

  • December 2012 Games Report

    Saint’s Row the Third (14 hrs):  I got a lot of video games for my birthday and Christmas (mostly on Steam).  So I wanted to finish up the last narrative game I had started before playing those games.  I played a few missions in Saint’s Row The Third.  As I had surmised before, the loose […]

  • August 2012 Games Report

    Team Fortress 2 (5 hrs) – a lot of this time was spent testing out my new private server which I described setting up in this post. Civilization V (1 hr) – played a little bit in the game I’m documenting at onemoreturn.ericsbinaryworld.com .  Been too busy to play much more than that. Saints Row: […]

  • July 2012 Games Report

    The Walking Dead  (7 hrs) – I had no reason to play this game.  I like point and click adventure games, but I don’t read The Walking Dead or watch the TV show.  I don’t really care much for zombie games although I’m not opposed to them.  But the same was on sale during the […]