August 2012 Games Report

Saints Row: The Third - My Engineer Mask
Saints Row: The Third – My Engineer Mask

Team Fortress 2 (5 hrs) – a lot of this time was spent testing out my new private server which I described setting up in this post.

Civilization V (1 hr) – played a little bit in the game I’m documenting at .  Been too busy to play much more than that.

Saints Row: The Third (<1 hr) – Saints Row’s lack of a tight narrative may make it easy for me to step back into it when I have some free time, but it also makes it lack a compelling reason to come back.

The Walking Dead (<1 hr) – On the other hand, The Walking Dead has a super-compelling story and I’ve been playing it as non-stop as my schedule allows now that episode 3 is out.  Most of my time playing the game has happened in September so there’ll be more on the game then.  I do have to say that playing has made me want to read the comics.  Good job there, writers!

Plants vs Zombies (<1hr) – trying to kill a few minutes before dealing with Scarlett.  Started the game to try and win the 15 Streak Vase Breaker achievement.  No luck.