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  • An updated Digital Photography Workflow with Digikam and RawTherapee

    An updated Digital Photography Workflow with Digikam and RawTherapee

    Back in October, I created a video showing my workflow with Digikam and RawTherapee. After spending lots of months working with both programs and tinkering to see what works best, I have updated my workflow. Based on the current versions of the programs, here is my updated workflow:

  • A reason to stick with Raw files instead of DNG

    There was a good chunk of time where I was converting all my Canon Raw files into DNG files on the thought that it would be better and make them more readable in the future. But with KDE able to read Canon files as well as the libRaw in Linux – it seemed a waste […]

  • Creating a Black and White Image in RawTherapee

    Creating a Black and White Image in RawTherapee

    Issues with tags and titles aside, I am really liking RawTherapee so far as my Lightroom RAW processing replacement. I wanted to document my process for getting to a black and white photo that I like both as a tutorial of sorts, but also to document for myself how it works with RawTherapee. I’ve activated […]

  • Lightroom 2.0 – it just keeps getting better and better

    The more I’ve been learning about Lightroom 2 (technically now at 2.3), the more I’ve been liking it!  First of all, I learned that – thanks to new camera profiles (also available in the latest camera raw software) – I can get my photos to start from where Canon’s own RAW software would have started. […]

  • One more look at Adobe Lightroom (this time 2.3)

    I just wanted to really elaborate on why I think Adobe Lightroom is a program any enthusiast to pro user should own.  Although, as I related here, LR has grown on me, going through the photos I shot at my cousin’s wedding has really cemented my love for Adobe’s product.  Here are my two favorite […]

  • Adobe Lightroom 2: Further Use

    So I did a test and found that as long as I save the metadata to the file, Adobe Bridge (even with CS2) can correctly read the changes.  So I decided to work in Lightroom to see if it was worth buying.  I can say that I am really loving it!  I’ve been able to […]

  • Adobe Lightroom Initial Reaction Review

    For quite some time I’ve been been struggling with the point of Adobe’s Lightroom.  Other than competing with Apple’s Aperture, it appears not to have a purpose.  Of course, right around the time Lightroom (LR) was hitting its stride, I stopped reading photography magazines.  The zine I loved the most was a British one published […]