Lightroom 2.0 – it just keeps getting better and better

The more I’ve been learning about Lightroom 2 (technically now at 2.3), the more I’ve been liking it!  First of all, I learned that – thanks to new camera profiles (also available in the latest camera raw software) – I can get my photos to start from where Canon’s own RAW software would have started.  I never realized it was a better choice than photoshop because I liked the photoshop workflow so much.  But now that I’ve played with the camera profiles in Lightroom, I realize that I’ve been selling my images short.

Second, I’ve been  reading The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 book and I’ve been learning quite a bit there.  Most recently I learned something that will save me A LOT of time in my photography workflow.  Lightroom has the DNG converter built in AND the ability to convert your RAW files and delete them.  But, not only that – it will also delete the sidecar XMP files.  So I can work on my files as soon as I transfter them from my memory card.  Then I can let the DNG conversion go on overnight.  Before I would first convert all of my photos, which might take an hour if it’d been a long shoot and THEN working on them.  So sometimes I was converting as many as 60 photos which were destined to be automatically deleted once I saw they were crap.  So once again, Lightroom changes my workflow for the better!