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  • Spending Time as a Female in a Physics Puzzle Game

    Gender is a pretty interesting concept when it comes to video games. Putting aside “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, video games are unique in that the players are active in constructing the narrative. Some games, like puzzle games don’t REALLY have a narrative (but that doesn’t mean my brothers and I didn’t come up with […]

  • 2011 in Video Games (and my 2011 Game of the Year)

    Civilization V (75 hrs) – What can I say about this game that I haven’t said already?  This is the series that made “One More More Turn…” famous and it still works today.  If I were to start a game tonight, I would not go to bed at a reasonable time. Team Fortress 2 (70 […]

  • Finishing up First Playthrough of Mass Effect 1

      Sorry I took so long to get to this. My last post had me finding out that the Reapers were actually the most ancient species I’ve heard about until now. And after my face off with Saren on Virmire, I thought I’d have to chase him to Ilos to finish the game. But, nope, […]

  • August Video Games

    For those who are new readers, I’m keeping track of the games I’m playing monthly (via Raptr) and then writing a little blurb on the games.  This is in prep for my year-end blog post. Team Fortress 2 (4 hrs) – I continue to really enjoy this game.  I think of all of non-story-based games […]

  • First Playthrough of Mass Effect (Part 3)

    Last time I blogged about Mass Effect, I had just finished up with a planet where a plant was controlling everyone. After that I did my first real tour of my ship to go talk to all the people who had joined my crew.  I got to sneak up on Ash talking to her sister […]

  • July Video Games

    Mass Effect (2 hrs) – Dan tells me that if I don’t go for the optional quests, I could be near the end.  After the next major story beat I’m probably going to write up my next Mass Effect blog post. I’m really enjoying the fiction. Team Fortress 2 (60 hrs) – I didn’t think […]

  • June 2011 Video Game Play Time

    Just one game this month, it’s been quite a busy month for me!     Mass Effect (8 hours) – This is a great game that I’d heard about for a long time, but never got around to playing.  A recent Steam sale made it cheap enough for me to give it a try and […]

  • First Playthrough of Mass Effect (Part 2)

    Sometimes I think what I want is Mass Effect: The Laserdisc game.  I love the story and I love the Codex entries.  Just getting completely engrossed in the Mass Effect world.  What I don’t enjoy is the fighting.  This isn’t because I’m bad at it.  My cover-based shooter noob days are long behind me with […]

  • First Playthough of Mass Effect Part 1

      I recently bought Mass Effect in a Steam sale that knocked the price of Bioware’s RPG to $5. Thanks yet again to the guys at the Giant Bombcast (seriously, this is the second or third I’ve bought because of them and fourth or fifth from podcast recommendations), I’d wanted to play the game, but […]

  • How Video Games Grew Up When I Wasn’t Looking

    There was a time when I loved video games.  I subscribed to EGM and EGM2.  I trolled the nascent World Wide Web looking for video game news.  I read IGN religiously.  The most powerful systems out there were the Nintendo 64 and the Playstation.  Then I discovered girls and dropped the subscriptions.  Most of the […]