July Video Games

Mass Effect (2 hrs) – Dan tells me that if I don’t go for the optional quests, I could be near the end.  After the next major story beat I’m probably going to write up my next Mass Effect blog post. I’m really enjoying the fiction.

Some of the Team Fortress Team

Team Fortress 2 (60 hrs) – I didn’t think I’d ever enjoy playing this game.  I am not an FPS person.  But it recently went free to play so I figured “why not?”  I started playing the game and it’s every bit as fun and funny as the “Meet the X” videos.  It’s a lot of fun to formulate the strategies for the game.  I’m still learning a lot about that.  And just when you think you know what to do, there are the extra weapons you earn for getting certain achievements.  They don’t throw off the balance because they give with one hand and take with the other.  The Heavy’s gun Natasha, for example, has a higher chance of critical hits, but it takes longer to spin up.