August Video Games

For those who are new readers, I’m keeping track of the games I’m playing monthly (via Raptr) and then writing a little blurb on the games.  This is in prep for my year-end blog post.

Team Fortress 2 (4 hrs) – I continue to really enjoy this game.  I think of all of non-story-based games I have, this one has one of the fastest completion times for a single game.  Civilization 5 can take me a week or longer to finish.  And my other games fall somewhere between these two.  (With a few exceptions like Pacman CE DX)

Mass Effect (6 hrs) – I finished up my first non-Japanese RPG.  There should be a blog post detailing that soon.

Mass Effect 2 (2 hrs) – When Dan learned I had finished ME but didn’t have ME2, he bought it for me during a Steam sale to ensure I’d be able to play it.  I’ve barely gotten into this game, but I already am really enjoying the story.  The only annoyance is that a bunch of keys have been remapped for part 2.  I’m sure I’ll eventually get good at it.