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  • Software I used for Programming in 2022

    Software I used for Programming in 2022

    Python This year I really worked a lot on Python web technologies so I came to appreciate all the work that the JetBrains team does to make all the little things (like running Django test server commands) incredibly easy. I essentially did all my Python development in Pycharm.  I’ve had access to the paid JetBrains […]

  • Software I used for Programming in 2021

    Overall, there was a continuation of trends from last year with just a few changes. Python Pycharm PyCharm has continued to be my IDE of choice for Python programming. The devs haven’t been resting on their laurels, either. Recently they added some extra features to support FastAPI. And they also added some features that I […]

  • Dracula Theme

    Just in time for Halloween I discovered the Dracula set of dark themes.They’ve got themes for nearly every code editor and shell/console program you can think of. Here’s Yakuake with the Dracula Konsole theme: And here’s Kate with the Dracula theme: I like the color scheme, but the font’s a bit small, so I might […]

  • Discovering new git GUIs

    When I wrote about checking out KDevelop, I mentioned that it was due to a blog post by the Kate developers about how to evolve Kate going forward. Last night I came across a new article in the same vein in which they looked at potential git GUIs to use from within Kate. In my […]

  • Addendum to my KDevelop Post

    A couple days ago, I wrote about giving KDevelop another look and posted it to reddit’s r/kde. In my post, I’d said it was annoying to have to configure the color schemas per file. Someone commented on the subreddit that if you use the View->Schema menus it’s per file while if you go into Settings->KDevelop […]

  • Moving to KDevelop for my larger Python Projects

    Moving to KDevelop for my larger Python Projects

    When I first started programming it was just at the prompt of my Tandy computer. Then it was in the QBasic text editor on the IBM computers at school. But when I started programming again with “real” languages, I ended up going with Emacs. Although I was first annoyed at the way commands like save […]