Discovering new git GUIs

When I wrote about checking out KDevelop, I mentioned that it was due to a blog post by the Kate developers about how to evolve Kate going forward. Last night I came across a new article in the same vein in which they looked at potential git GUIs to use from within Kate. In my KDevelop post, I mentioned that I use QGit, but it can look a bit small in the screenshot of my 3 monitor desktop. So this is my typical QGit setup:

and this is the most information it could display:

Overall I’m happy with it, even though it seems to be stuck in KDE3 (see the icons, for example). But the second article mentioned a couple candidates for a git GUI and included GitQlient, a fork of QGit and Gitahead. I am a huge fan of the way GitQlient looks and would love to have that as my GUI git client.

Right now it looks like GitQlient was only started a few weeks ago, so we’ll see where it goes as it doesn’t even have comprehensive build instructions, but I wanted to share this for others on QT desktops who would also like a git GUI.