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  • Some photos from Scarlett’s Birthday Bash

  • Late July to Early August Photojojo Time Capsule

    This Photojojo time capsule contains Otakon photos as well as one of Dina and one of a strange car I saw on 295.

  • Mid-July Photojojo

    Apparently my most interesting photos from this time last year were of my chilis and of Dina rock-climbing

  • Approximately a Year Later: Top 200 Photos #20

    Since it took about a year for my Top 200 photos feature to run its course, I wanted to go back and see how things changed within the Top 20 in that year.  When I posted the feature, this was #20: With 1194 views This is the current #20: With 1742 views. So the bar…

  • Spotlight on Dina

    A little series I’m starting with my favorite portraits for a particular person. Dina facts: Real Dina smiles are great smiles Family is really important to Dina Dina’s closest friends are practically family (see above bullet) Dina’s pretty awesome on the piano, she doesn’t play for us often enough

  • Dina’s Tiki Party 2009

    Last weekend I went to a graduation party Dina and Daniel organized to celebrate Dina, Ho, and Lauren’s graduation this year.  It was a great BBQ event and I had a lot of fun.  I only knew about 1/10th of all the people there, so I kept entertained mainly by ecording the events of the…

  • Dina’s Graduation

    A few weeks ago I attended Dina’s Bachelor’s Graduation.  After having attended my own as well as Daniel’s, I had some idea of what to expect, but this was the first college graduation I had attended outside of Cornell.  (Not counting my dad’s graduation when I was young)  I have have come to believe that…