Spotlight on Dina

Who, Me?
Who, Me?

A little series I’m starting with my favorite portraits for a particular person.

Dina and a lovely flower
Dina and a Flower at a Wedding

Dina facts:

  • Real Dina smiles are great smiles
  • Family is really important to Dina
  • Dina’s closest friends are practically family (see above bullet)
  • Dina’s pretty awesome on the piano, she doesn’t play for us often enough
Dina with good friends Lauren and Frances.

Dina and Brian
I think this was the first time I met Brian, two years ago

Upon Reflection, they should have been in the opposite sides......
In the Stockades

Dina graces our ears with her masterful playing
Playing the Piano in the Candid Portrait

Technology Assisting in a Self-Portrait
Showing younger cousin, Diane, the photo she took.

Three Different Reactions
My newest favorite photo.