Dina’s Graduation

Dina:  Now with a BS!
Dina, a new graduate!

A few weeks ago I attended Dina’s Bachelor’s Graduation.  After having attended my own as well as Daniel’s, I had some idea of what to expect, but this was the first college graduation I had attended outside of Cornell.  (Not counting my dad’s graduation when I was young)  I have have come to believe that all college graduations are the same everywhere.  It is a bit odd that Stony Brook used red gowns instead of black ones.  The was also my first long outing with my GPS unit.  Here’s where I ran around that day. First as a static PNG:

The Path We Followed for Dinas Graduation at Stony Brook
The Path We Followed for Dina's Graduation at Stony Brook

and here it is as a Google Map:

I think some of the wild movements near the basketball stadium are due to getting an erratic fix in the building.

Entering Stony Brook's East Campus
Stony Brook Entrance

Walking around campus I saw the following sign.  I still don’t know what a sea wolf is.

You're in Seawolves Country
You're In Seawolves Country

After Dina went inside for her college’s graduation, I decided I should probably try and figure out where she would be sitting so I would know where to aim my camera.

Trying to fIgure out where Dina will sit
Dina's Seat

After some, but not too much, blabbering, Dina got her diploma.

Shaking the First Hand
Dina shaking hands
Getting Picture Taken with Diploma
Getting Diploma

Afterwards, we took portrait shots.

Family Portraits with the New Grad
Dina with her family
Family Portraits with the New Grad
Dina and Brian

After that Dina went to line up for the university-wide graduation we went to grab a quick bite to eat and then waited for the university graduation to begin.  We couldn’t find a seat in the shade so we stayed under the seats for most of the ceremony.  But when the graduates were coming out, I took my 55mm-200mm lens out to capture Dina from the middle of the football field.

The other hand is full too
Dina walking to her seat in the football field

While waiting for her to finish packing up her dorm room, I noticed this medallion Dina had received and decided to photograph it.

Stony Brook Medallion Back
Stony Brook Graduation Medallion

Overall it was a great photo day.  I used my two camera technique, first used last time I went to an Orioles game.  I used all the knowledge I had to get the best shots possible, including making sure to use flash to get rid of facial shadows in the noon-time photos.  It was also a fun photo excursion because I tracked my path using my GPS unit.  See more of my photos from Dina’s graduation here.

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  1. Seawolves are like normal wolves, only they start out small until you put them in water. Then they grow.