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  • November Video Game Report

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown (11 hours): There are many times that The Giant Bombcast or other video game podcasts have led me to discover games I wouldn’t have otherwise considered: Peggle, Saint’s Row the Third, Assassin’s Creed, and The Witcher. But there was one time they did me wrong: XCOM: Enemy Unknown. They made it sound […]

  • October Video Games

    October Video Games

    Team Fortress 2 (33 hours): I’m a seasonal Team Fortress 2 player. Although I play it here and there at any time of year, I tend to really play a lot during October for the special Halloween missions. This year Valve was busy working on a new mode that was released earlier this week so […]

  • Video Games Report March 2014

    Video Games Report March 2014

    The Witcher (15 hours) Assassin’s Creed was the first game series Vinnie of Giant Bomb convinced me to try by talking about it endlessly on the Bombcast. The Witcher is the second. (This is why I miss his voice on that podcast so much) It has turned out to be a lot more fun than […]

  • January Video Games Report

    Civilization: Beyond Earth (7 hrs): This game was a great evolution on Civ V. I enjoyed that they continued with the same sense of humor. I also thought they did a good job evolving things so that it felt different enough. It’ll probably take a few games before I get the hang of all the […]

  • 2014 Video Games Report and Game of the Year

    2014 Video Games Report and Game of the Year

    This year I did not play as many new games as in previous years. I was deep in my graduate degree and most of my free time was during work travel. Since I don’t have a powerful laptop (and Steam on Linux was just taking off early on this year anyway), most of that time […]

  • Dec 2013 Video Games Report

    Civilization 5 (5 hours): Still haven’t caught up on the blog posts. Still entirely consists of games with Dan and Dave. Dan gifted me the latest expansion pack during the Winter Steam Sale, so I may fire up a solo game. Time will tell – I still have a ton of indie games from Humble […]

  • October Video Games Report (includes LIMBO review part 2)

    Back to the Future: The Video Games (5 hrs) – As is the usual situation with these types of games, I figured out I had to get to the 1920s about 2 hours before I had triggered the right series of events that would allow me to get there. Got to see the sense of […]

  • December 2012 Games Report

    Saint’s Row the Third (14 hrs):  I got a lot of video games for my birthday and Christmas (mostly on Steam).  So I wanted to finish up the last narrative game I had started before playing those games.  I played a few missions in Saint’s Row The Third.  As I had surmised before, the loose […]

  • June 2012 Video Game Report

    Civ V (11 Hrs) – talk of the expansion pack made me want to play some more Civ.  I played a scenario and then I played a regular game.  I had a blast and I can’t wait to buy the expansion pack. Peggle Deluxe (5 hrs) – Worked on some of the challenge puzzles Team […]

  • 2011 in Video Games (and my 2011 Game of the Year)

    Civilization V (75 hrs) – What can I say about this game that I haven’t said already?  This is the series that made “One More More Turn…” famous and it still works today.  If I were to start a game tonight, I would not go to bed at a reasonable time. Team Fortress 2 (70 […]

  • Civilization V: The First Week

    To finish up talking about the game I left off in my last post, I won my first civ 5 game via conquest – a new one for me.  I usually turtle and do a culture victory or science victory.  It was only near the end of my time playing Civ IV that I started […]

  • When Achievements are a Good Thing

    ?At first I ridiculed achievements/trophies.  The idea that grown men and women (and, heck anyone over 12 years old) would care about getting these achievements enough to continue playing through their games until they earned them all seemed ludicrous.  Then, I acknowledged it was a fun way to compete with friends in games that are […]

  • Civilization V First Thoughts Part 2

    Interestingly, the game appears not to pop up and tell you to choose city production, you have to notice that in the bottom right, same for science and so on…..At least it doesn’t let you skip a turn before you worry about that.  So I actually like it better.  It was far too easy to […]

  • Civilization V First Thoughts Part 1

    The opening movie is AWESOME.  Most of the visuals were from the trailers, but the frame story was great.  Best intro thus far.  I decided not to play the tutorial first since it appeared to be for those new to the Civ franchise.  I chose Wu Zetian of China since I’ve been playing the Chinese […]

  • Happy Civilization V Day!

    By order of the Governor of Maryland, have a happy Sid Meier’s Civilization V Day!