June 2012 Video Game Report

Civ V (11 Hrs) – talk of the expansion pack made me want to play some more Civ.  I played a scenario and then I played a regular game.  I had a blast and I can’t wait to buy the expansion pack.

Peggle Deluxe (5 hrs) – Worked on some of the challenge puzzles

Team Fortress 2 – (3 hrs) – played when the Pyro pack came out.  Really enjoyed the new mode.

Solitaire (1 hr) – something to kill a few minutes before feeding Scarlett

Worms Reloaded (<1 hr) – just took advantage of a free weekend

Chess Titans (<1 hr) – played and lost a game

2 responses to “June 2012 Video Game Report”

  1. I’ve still never played a Civ V expansion. Don’t think I’ve played one since Civ II, actually.

    Gotta get into that new TF2 mode…

    • Yeah, I think you meant scenario. They’re actually pretty good in Civ V. Better than IV and much better than III