Forget gays, let’s have drug addicts and convicts in the military!

We’re currently mired down in a war that is wearing our armed forces thin. The military is having a hard time meeting its recruitment targets and they have resorted to lowering their recruitment standards. Reports in the news have talked of people with drug problems and prior prison time being hired. Open gays? No – can’t have that! What about the fact that some of them can speak arabic and we’re fighting in a bunch of arabic countries? No – still don’t want them.

General Peter Pace has been in the news because he said we can’t have open gays in the military because homosexuality is immoral. As others have pointed out – it’s not as though our country is a bastion of morals. Have you watched a reality tv show anytime recently? Is stacking up Iraqi prisoners in gay poses and torturing them moral? Because if it is, we’re certainly not reading the same Bible. So, I’m not saying that homosexuality IS moral or that you have to believe that. What I am saying is that it’s the most double of double standards our country could possibly have. We’re in a war right now and I’d put intelligent, sharp shooting gay men in the military before putting people in that are more of a hazard, such as the guys who raped an Iraqi woman and murdered her family.

If I can be Swiftian for a moment, I’d also like to point out that if General Pace and other republicans hate gays so much – they should be putting as many of them into the army as possible. They should be going to gay night clubs and recruiting like crazy. After all, what’s happening to our troops in Iraq? They’re all being killed by roadside bombs and other guerrilla tactics. So if you don’t like gays – put them in the military and send them to clear out the Mahdi Army from Baghdad. (By the way, if this paragraph has you angry – click on the link on “Swiftian”)

Recently our country always seems to actsin the the way that is most contrary to its success. If people actually WANT to join the military, then let them be as gay as they want. You NEED people in the military – don’t turn them away and then cry to congress that you need bodies for the 20-something thousand people for the troop surge.

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2 responses to “Forget gays, let’s have drug addicts and convicts in the military!”

  1. First off, I’ll say that putting criminals in the military is stupid, unless we do with them what you mentioned about gays (Send them in to clear out the mahdi army, etc.)

    I will, however, point out a reason (aside from the immorality of homosexuality) that gays shouldn’t be: homophobia. The reasoning is that gays aren’t generally accepted, so to put a gay man in with a bunch of macho straight guys could be putting said gay in harms way. What do troops do to boost morale? Talk about the girl they’ve got waiting back home. Now, picture if you will, during said campfire conversation, someone talking about the GUY they have waiting back home. Awkward moment? Just a bit. Then, the general homophobia takes a step further and the soldiers tbecome concerned that their squadmate’s fantasizing about them when he gets lonely. The above statement would also, likely, make them a target for ridicule and abuse.

  2. There is a solution to the homophobia – at least temporarily. From the American Revolution until the Vietnam war, there was a separate African-American group in each service. So there could be a gay batallion. Of course, it would be discriminatory and separate, but equal and all that – but it is for their protection and, in a few decades, would be eliminated, just like the the African-American ones.

    It can be done – no one wants to compromise or, as today’s guru’s call it, get a win-win situation. Their loss.