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  • Changing the Acer Aspire One OS again

    As you know, I had CentOS 7 on the Acer Aspire and it was working fine. After CentOS 8 came out, I went ahead and installed it there. It worked fine, but there aren’t as many packages in EPEL for CentOS and RHEL 8. I went on a journey to try and get the i3 […]

  • Ubuntu 2020.04’s Server Install

    As I mentioned in my k3s on Ubuntu 2020.04 post, I really thought that Ubuntu 2020.04’s server install was prety slick. I’m used to text-only server installs looking like this: Here’s a step-by-step collection of screenshots and my thoughts on each step of Ubuntu 2020.04’s server install: Just starting off, with the language selection, you […]

  • Checking out k3s and Ubuntu Server 2020.04 Part 2

    Clearly there’s a lot I don’t get about Kubernetes and I didn’t install a GUI in that VM so I can’t use the dashboard (which can only be viewed at localhost – or so the instructions seem to indicate) So I decided to go back to basics and look at the Hello Minikube tutorial, but […]

  • Checking out k3s and Ubuntu Server 2020.04 Part 1

    As I’ve been working on learning server tech, I’ve gone from virtualization to Docker containers and now Podman containers and Podman pods. The pod in Podman comes from a view towards Kubernetes. I moved to Podman because of the cgroupsv2 issue in Fedora 31 and so I figured why not think about going all the […]

  • Updated to KDE 5

    On the guest computer I updated to Kubuntu Vivid Alpha so I could check out KDE 5. Looks awesome – lots of polish over KDE 4. Sad that I’ll lose my current settings, but a chance to recreate with a new desktop.

  • Watching Netflix on Kubuntu

    A little while ago I wrote about watching Netflix on Fedora 20. Also works on the latest Kubuntu with the latest updates installed. Also, at least with Kubuntu, I didn’t need to modify the user agent. It just automatically worked with Google Chrome. I didn’t try with Chromium, but I’d read that didn’t work.

  • Ubuntu to the Rescue: A Tale of Broadcom Wifi Drivers, Prerelease Software, and a new Acer Aspire One Netbook

    note: I wrote this on 17 April, a full week before it is published on the blog Nearly six years ago I bought my first laptop.  I’d never seen the point of laptops over desktops – the value per dollar just isn’t there.  But I was going to be traveling for work now and again […]

  • KDE: Strength in Abstraction

    I have not yet tried out Gnome Shell or Ubuntu Unity, but the biggest complaint most people level against them is that our desktops are being tablet-ified.  Sure, there need to be new, innovative interfaces for tablets and phones, but that’s no reason to abandon the desktop.  Sure, perhaps the average Joe (or Jane) will […]

  • Review: Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit

    I last looked at Ubuntu 9.04 a little over six months ago.  So I decided it was time to see what has changed.  Since I’m now testing on a 64-bit machine, I decided to test the 64-bit version of Ubuntu.  So here we go: I like the desktop, it looks pretty good. I liked 9.04 […]

  • Review: Ubuntu 9.04

    This is going to be the first time I look at a fresh install of Ubuntu in a long while.  I first installed Ubuntu quite a while ago and then I just kept distro upgrading from there on.  Then I installed Crunch Bang Linux on my laptop.  So now I will be testing the installation.  […]

  • Review: Linux Mint 6

    The latest LXF magazine arrived with Linux Mint 6, Slackware 12.2, and openSuse 11.1.  I was originally going to review openSuse, but I have been unable to successfully boot either into VirtualBox or just by booting my computer and running it as a LiveDVD.  (ed. note:  I just checked the magazine and they suggested booting […]

  • Ubuntu 8.10 does away with xorg.conf

    One of the biggest Ubuntu stories on the net is the elimination of xorg.conf.  They haven’t made it unnecessary, they’ve completely eliminated it.  If you create one and edit it – it will have no effect.  I have not yet upgrade to 8.10, so I can’t verify it, but so far I haven’t seen any […]

  • Installing and Running Warcraft III via Wine

    First I updated Wine to 1.0.0 (It didn’t work properly on 0.94) on Ubuntu.  In there I have D as the CDROM drive. So I typed wine d:\install.exe  This installed just fine Here’s what happened with 0.94 when I first started this post: But the first time I clicked to play it, it did not […]

  • Ubuntu 8.10 launches today!

    Unless something went wrong between when I’m writing this post at 2324 on 29 Oct and tomorrow when it’s scheduled to launch, Congrats to the Canonical and the Ubuntu Release team on Ubuntu 8.10. The servers will probably be pounded today, so you might want to wait a few days before upgrading. I usually wait […]

  • Open Source Chicken and Egg

    My wife’s aunt’s computer was always getting full of viruses.  I’d spend a few hours every time I came to visit removing the viruses and get the computer back to a working state.  Sounds like the perfect job for….. Linux!  All she does on her computer is email and watch videos – that’s it.  Plus, […]