Bizzarre Stats

I don’t know wtf is going on with Google, but according to my web stats, 66 of you came here looking for info on anime conventions (this month alone). I’ve never talked much about them except to put up a picture of someone from an anime convention. It was this one or two:

Inuyasha Cosplay

Looking for Donald and Goofy

Apparently there aren’t too many other blogs/sites out there talking about it or I wouldn’t get so many people coming here looking for it. The above pictures are probably responsible for the 32 people coming here looking for cosplay. (The second top search term) Another one that brought about 20 people here is the Order of the Engineer, which I blogged about the day I got it. Since then I haven’t mentioned it until today.

Other than that, the search terms mostly make more sense such as Fedora (since that’s what I use for one of my Linux computers. (Fedora 7 comes out soon!! About 1 month left + delays [they always have delays]) Civ4 also makes sense as I talk about it a lot. Well, not that much, but a decent amount.

But there are also weird terms such as “Lebanon to get DSL” which I have NEVER mentioned. And “Mario depressing” which I’m pretty sure I’ve never written. Perhaps Andrew blogged about Lebanon – but I don’t remember reading it!

While I’m talking about random stuff, check out Andrew’s Blog posts on Jack Thompson.

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