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  • Programming Update for June 2021

    June was mostly Python, although I did do chapter 1 of Scratch 3 Games for Kids with Sam. He really, really enjoyed it and I anticipate doing the challenge problems and maybe chapter 2 in July or August. Books I read the intro and first couple chapters of both Flask Web Development, 2nd Edition and…

  • Scarlett’s Alliteration

    Scarlett’s Alliteration

    Scarlett was practicing coming up with alliteration for each letter of the alphabet. Here’s what she came up with for “F”. I think the drawing makes it almost like a Shel Silverstein poem.



    From the Mother Goose is Real Department of Photos

  • A Wonderful Poem by Jeremy Bornstein

    It can be found here, but in case it disappears, I’ve reproduced it. Zero and her Origin Zero, the number said to be discovered Nine times by ancient magicians, was Found again by a mysterious order of Nine modern alchemists, who built One machine after another, until finally One exploded with fascinating results. No fire…

  • Mid-Feb Snow Haiku

    Winter’s Returning: Snow falls gingerly downward. Will you stay long, snow?

  • Snow Haiku 2

    Work begins later; Thank you white snow for falling. But why the ice too?

  • Waves

    Life seems to be a series of waves that I ride until they crash on shore. Then I wait for the next one and have another go at it. I’m not talking about life fundamentals – those are on a much slower evolution and change much less often, but I’m talking instead about the fun…

  • Haiku 2: In Reponse to a Discovery

    Photographic You; Previously avoided; Now in so many!

  • A Haiku

    First winter’s snowfall; Flakes falling from a dark sky; Morning: All is white.

  • Life

    In our recent move, my wife and mother were on a mission to get rid of as much junk as possible as I’ve been labeled by them as a pack rat. I saved this poem from destruction. I don’t remember anything about it, not even the circumstances in which I wrote it. But here it…

  • an extremely short poem

    what do you do when the one thing you have been waiting for all day is denied to you? Sleep and hope that tomorrow brings better luck

  • Give Me Back My Identity

    I am not a data point. I am a human being. I am not the customer who buys anime, computer hardware, and books on Linux. I am not the customer who sends flowers to my mother-in-law in Brooklyn. I am a human being. I am a college student, a writer, a poet, a photographer, a…