2023 in Music (Last.FM and Spotify Listening Trends)

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Another year has ended and so it’s time to take a look at the music I listened to all year. First of all, it was yet another year in which I grew my personal music collection. I’ve seen more an more artists removed from places like Spotify, Apple Music, etc, so it’s still important to me to own my music.

  • New albums
    • C. Tangana – El Madrileno.
    • Chill Hop Music – Essentials Winter 2022(?), Essentials Spring 2023, Essentials Summer 2023, Essentials Fall 2023, Winter essentials 2023
    • The Midnight – Monsters
    • Anberlin – Convinced
    • MxPx – Southbound to San Antonio, Find a Way Home
    • Thundercat – It is What It Is
    • Seeming – The Birdwatcher’s Guide to Atrocity
    • Lzls – discography – mostly vaporwave covers of Final Fantasy music
    • The Pirates of Drinax (part of a humble bundle)
    • Rifti Beats – Chocobo and Chill
    • Smooth McGroove – New Super Mario Bros Overworld Theme
    • The One-Ups – Secrets of the Forest (Solid Gold version)
    • Less Than Jake/ Kill Lincoln – Wavebreaker 1
    • Haircuts for men – sampler
    • Girl Ultra – Adios
    • Una Noche Con Ruben Blades
    • Submotion Orchestra – Kites
  • Gifts
    • Orquesta Akokan – 16 Rayos (gifted)
    • Prince Welcome 2 America (gifted)
    • Herbie Hancock – 5 original albums (gifted)
    • Taylor Swift – Midnights (gifted)
    • Gorillaz – Cracker Island  (gifted)
    • Lana Del Rey – Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd?  (gifted)
    • Rosalia – MOTOMAMI  (gifted)
    • The Weeknd – Dawn FM  (gifted)
    • Chance the rapper – the big day  (gifted)
    • Childish Gambino – 3.15.20, summer singles  (gifted)
    • Marina – ancient dreams  (gifted)

A few other things happened in 2023 to affect the trends. Early in 2023 I asked Dan for suggestions for Spanish non-dance music and he gave me a couple suggestions. The one that I really liked a lot was C. Tangana and his album El Madrileno. It’s a great album and I listened to it a few times. Continuing with Spanish music, the Alt. Latino Podcast introduced me to the band called “Daniel, Me Estas Matando”. Their music reminds me a lot of the music the older generations used to listen to when I was a kid. Finally, Alt Latino also had an interview with Karol G and I listened to her on Spotify for a few days in a row.

The kids started asking for PDX Broadsides during tooth brushing again, especially Tiny Little Octopus. Fantastic Plastic Machine came up a lot at random in March. In May I got nostalgic and listened to the entire DC Talk discography. In preparation for the Bad Time Records Tour I listened to a lot of those artists. Finally, MxPx released their first studio album since COVID which accelerated the already extant trend of listening to them a lot.

Top Artists of 2023

1. MxPx (833) – Once again this was the artist I listened to the most (and by a huge amount). I only got 2 new albums: Southbound to San Antonio (their most recent concert album) and Find a Way Home. Other than the classical composers – for whom I have albums of 100 Best songs – I don’t think there are very many artists (Anberlin might come close) with so many songs in my collection. So, in addition to me listening to the new albums that came out, they are going to come up a LOT on random – the way I am most likely to listen to my collection at home or at work.

2. Macroblank (254) – When I bought the music a year or two ago a bunch of albums were available for a cheap price so they come up a lot. Also, as a chill hop type band, they are great for putting on when I need to concentrate at work, so sometimes I put it on purposely. 

3. Five Iron Frenzy (207) – No new album in 2023, but I’m always happy to throw on some FIF.

4. C. Tangana (186) – As I mentioned above, I discovered this artist from asking Dan for some recommendations. I really enjoyed the album a lot. I will have to check and see if he has new music out.

5. Anberlin (176) – although my love of the band means they’re almost always on the top artist list in any given year, they came out with yet another EP this year. As with the previous, it’s a good mix of hard and soft songs. I wish they would just come out with a full album already!

6. Ramin Djawadi (163) – As I mentioned last year, Djawadi did the soundtracks to Game of Thrones and Westworld. I will often throw these on for some rousing music without lyrics.

7. Rick and Morty (163) – I’ve often really enjoyed the music on this show, but in 2023 I actually started to seek it out after a few outstanding songs in the show got stuck in my head.

8. Taylor Swift (160) – I could blame these listens on the kids; it’d be at least partially true. But the fact is that Swift has some banger. She and her writing partners and produces are great at writing witty, catchy songs. 

9. Gorillaz (158) – Although I’d stopped listening to Gorillaz around the album Dare, I happened to catch a few singles from Cracker Island on Youtube and was intrigued. Most of these listens are from that album, but not all of them. 

10. Karol G (156) – I’m generally not into the type of music that Karol G makes, but after hearing an interview with her on the Alt Latino podcast, I gave her albums a few listens. Definitely catchy, but also a bit same-y.

11. The Beatles (146) – the Beatles ALWAYS make an appearance. Probably one of the few artists with as many songs in my collection as MxPx.

12. Kill Lincoln (143) – Because of the Bad Time Records concert, I gave the album I own another listen and it started to grow on me a lot. Enough that I threw it on a few times after the concert as well.

13. The PDX Broadsides (142) – A good chunk of these came from my kids asking to listen to their music while brushing their teeth. I also spent a day at work listening to most of their catalogue.

14. YUNG BAE (125) – More about this neo-disco artist later in this blog post.

15. Rifti Beats (124) – As a long-time fan of the classic Square RPGs, I couldn’t say no to an album called Chocobo and Chill

16. Juanes (119) – Again, this was because of Alt Latino. They made me aware of his album of cover songs, Origen. I particularly like his cover of Bilirrubina

17. Thundercat (113) – I sought out Thundercat because they were on one of the songs on Gorillaz’ Cracker Island. I find the album a bit uneven, but the songs I like, I really like.

18. Dizzy Gillespie (109) – I was just listening to the collection of albums my mom got me last year for Christmas.

19. Daniel, Me Estás Matando (107) – Another Alt Latino artist. This one makes modern music (as far as I know – not cover songs) in the style of the old music my grandparents loved to listen to. So it fills me with a kind of false nostalgia that goes a long way.

20. SZA (107) – Danielle introduced me to the single Kill Bill and I ended up getting the album as well as listening to songs of hers that I already happened to own.

Top Albums of 2023

1. MxPx – Find A Way Home (228) – While it’s not my favorite MxPx album, it does have a few songs I really enjoy. The lyrics to Cautious Optimistic in particular tend to crack me up while the music is pretty catchy.

2. C. Tangana – El Madrileño (184) – I like almost every song from this album, but my favorite is Comerte Entera

3. Rifti Beats – Chocobo & Chill (124) – As I said above, I have a place in my heart for the older Final Fantasy games, especially prior to FF8. So I am a sucker for FF music compilations. That said, as more games continue to come out, there are more and more songs in these collections that I don’t care about.

4. Juanes – Origen (117) – An album of cover songs done in Juanes’ rock style. Most of them sound just as good in his version as the original. To my ear none of them surpass the originals.

5. Kill Lincoln – Can’t Complain (114) – This album wasn’t my favorite on first listen. But as I prepare for the Bad Time Records concert, I listened to it a bit more and ended up with a few favorites: Used Up, Last Ditch Denial, and Can’t Complain

6. Thundercat – It Is What It Is (113) – As I mentioned, I got this album because Thundercat was on a Gorillaz track. I had already marked this album as interested some time in the past. There’s one song that you have to see the video for.

7. Dizzy Gillespie – Twelve Classic Albums (109) – my mom continued to get me these jazz legend collections from my wish list. There’s a reason why everyone always talks about these musicians: the music is timeless and great.

8. SZA – SOS (104) – As I mentioned above, it was Danielle showing me Kill Bill that made me get the album.

9. MxPx – Southbound to San Antonio (101) – Not every band does a good job with their live albums, but MxPx produces great ones; this one is no exception. It’s the next best thing to seeing them live – although that’s easier now since they have been doing YouTube Live concerts since COVID.

10. Rick and Morty – The Rick and Morty Soundtrack (98) – As I mentioned above, this show has better music than a silly sci-fi cartoon has any business having. It’s also interesting to hear longer versions of some songs (like African Dream Pop) that only play for a few seconds in the background of an episode. 

11. Karol G – MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO (91) – I think this was the album mentioned on Alt Latino that made me check out Karol G

12. Various Artists – Chillhop Essentials: Fall 2023 (90) – Because nearly every track on each of these Chillhop Essentials albums is by a different artist, none of them ever reaches the top artist for the year even though I listen to these albums a lot. It’s nice to see the Fall 2023 collection on here to represent how much I listen to these. 

13. Prince – Welcome 2 America (87) – I was never a huge Prince fan, but I heard about this album a year or two ago on a podcast and I was intrigued by the lyrical content of the songs. 

14. Celia Cruz – The Absolute Collection (86) – The bulk of my my Celia Cruz songs are on this double album collection, so I’m not surprised to see it showing up now and again on these lists.

15. Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis & Rubén Blades – Una Noche Con Rubén Blades (86) – This album was on my wishlist for YEARS. I finally got it this year and it’s a fun mix of American Jazz Standards and popular Ruben Blades songs.

16. girl ultra – Adiós (84) – I got the album on the strength of another girl ultra song I’d heard. This really should be considered more of an EP. It’s somewhat experimental in nature, but still a fun listen.

17. Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones (Music from the HBO Series) (80) – This is the second or third year appearing on this list, but it definitely deserves its place here.

18. We Are the Union – Ordinary Life (78) – another album that got lots of play due to my preparations for the Bad Time Records concert.

19. The Midnight – Monsters (77) – I like this album, especially the title song. I could see The Midnight slowly making their way up the charts.

20. Ramin Djawadi – Westworld: Season 1 (Music from the HBO® Series) (76) – I’ve written about this album before, but it’s a masterful set of piano covers and original music and it is such a great album. 

Top Tracks of 2023

1. Juanes – La Bilirrubina (24) – This is a great cover of an already great Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40 song. It’s definitely my favorite song on the album. 

2. MxPx – Cautious Optimistic (24) – I already mentioned this song when I spoke about the album. Again, it’s got fun lyrics and a good sound underneath.

3. Juanes – Rebelión (23) – The original song is my favorite salsa song. This is a great cover, although I think it loses a bit of effect by being sped up compared to the original.

4. C. Tangana – Demasiadas Mujeres (21) – I’m not going to comment on every song from this album, but they’re all a fun departure from what’s making the charts in spanish language music right now.

5. MxPx – Excuse My French (21) – This is from the latest album and has a funny chorus. 

6. MxPx – Not Today (21)

7. MxPx – This is What You Told Me (20)

8. C. Tangana – Comerte Entera (19)

9. Gorillaz – Cracker Island (feat. Thundercat) (19) – This is a VERY catchy song and also the song that made me get the Thundercat album this year.

10. Less Than Jake – Need Some Shaking (19) – From the Bad Time Records Wavebreaker series, a very rocking Less Than Jake song.

11. MxPx – What I Tell Myself (19)

12. C. Tangana – Nunca Estoy (18)

13. MxPx – Ready to Rage (18)

14. MxPx – Stay Up All Night (18)

15. Thundercat – Dragonball Durag (18) – As I mentioned above, this is my favorite Thundercat song.

16. Gorillaz – New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) (17)

17. Kill Lincoln – Going Under (16)

18. C. Tangana – Ingobernable (15)

19. MxPx – Call Me (15)

20. MxPx – Mountains to Climb (15)

Instead of a power law graph for the tracks we have a step-wise graph that looks kind of funny.

Top Overall Artists

1. Five Iron Frenzy (5460) (no change) – Only about 200 listens this year, so I think MxPx is sure to overtake them in 2024. Or maybe they’ll come out with a new album and keep their top spot. 

2. MxPx (5117) (no change) – As the first section showed, I had 833 listens this year, so if 2024 is anything like this, they’ll shoot way up into the top and leave everyone else in the dust.

3. Anberlin (4423) (no change) – Last year I predicted that Anberlin might end up fighting MxPx for the first or second spot. But MxPx pulled way further ahead (it helps that I got 2 new albums for them vs an EP for Anberlin). The real question is whether they can remain here or fall compared to others. At the moment the only true contenders I see are The Beatles and I Fight Dragons, but they’re both seeing less listens nowadays. In fact, while The Beatles made the top list for 2023, I Fight Dragons did not.

4. Fantastic Plastic Machine (3814) (no change) – They did manage to come up randomly quite a bit in 2023, but not enough to make a different in position.

5. The Beatles (3719) (no change) – Fantastic Plastic Machine did manage to pull away a bit more. Last year there was only a 20 scrobble difference and now it’s closer to 100 scrobbles, but I could easily see The Beatles moving up to the number four spot next year.

6. I Fight Dragons (3430) (no change) – As I mentioned during the Anberlin section, I listened to way more of The Beatles than I Fight Dragons, so I am not sure where they will end up. They did manage to stay about 200 scrobbles above Relient K, so we’ll see what happens in 2024.

7. Relient K (3251) (no change) – My prediction was wrong and they didn’t fall this year. I think they’re safe from Weird Al (more than 1200 scrobbles ahead), but maybe if one of the lower bands gets a huge increase in listens, they might fall.

8. “Weird Al” Yankovic (2067) (no change) – Last year Yankovic was 1000 scrobbles ahead of The PDX Broadsides. Now only about 100 scrobbles. I rarely listen to “Weird Al” nowadays, so I can definitely see them falling next year.

9. The PDX Broadsides (1953) (no change) – Only about a hundred listens; on par with last year. Still, it only needs to maintain a similar pace to move up to number 8 next year.

10. Fall Out Boy (1842) (no change) – Another year with about 100 scrobbles. They might move up with The PDX Broadsides in tandem or might just barely overtake them next year.

11. Jonathan Coulton (1718) (no change) – Only about 50 scrobbles this year. I could see JoCo maybe sliding down since I don’t have too many tracks and I’m not listening all that often. 

12. Lana Del Rey (1567) (no change) – Slightly less than 100 scrobbles in 2023. I’m not surprised since I almost never specifically pick her music anymore. Perhaps I’ll feel differently in the future.

13. Bee Gees (1353) (no change) – With slightly less than 50 listens in 2023, I probably just threw the album on one or twice and then had them come up randomly here or there.

14. Chance the Rapper (1339) (no change) – For a year or two now I’ve mentioned that I hadn’t kept up with Chance’s releases. This year I finally got The Big Day. I only listened once, but if I throw it on a few more times in 2024, Chance might climb above the Bee Gees.

15. Gnarls Barkley (1226) (no change) – I only listened to 5 Gnarls Barkley songs in 2023. I don’t think they’re going to stay up in the top 15 much longer.

Off the list this year:

No one. All the changes this year were within the top 15.

Potentials for Next Year:

  • YUNG BAE (pos 16) – I have predicted that YUNG BAE would break into the top 15 for 2 years now. But this year they were only short by 4 listens. That’s it. I actually ran the script that produces these lists for me a few days early to make sure it would work and I knew it was only 4 songs short. I thought of putting my thumb on the scale on the 31st of Dec, but decided that wouldn’t be in the spirit of the list. Unless something crazy happens, I am all but certain they’ll be in the top 15. 
  • DJ CUTMAN (pos 20) – I didn’t throw them in the predictions last year, but I have a lot of DJ CUTMAN songs and they are likely to come up randomly. They are only about 100 scrobbles short of knocking Gnarls Barkley out. That could be as simple as me choosing to listen to their discography one day at work or through the magic of random numbers. 

Taking a look at the rest of the top 100 artists, I think there’s potential for Taylor Swift (pos 28 – 977 scrobbles). Last year I had written off the possibility of Bad Rabbits (pos 30 – 940 scrobbles), but I have a few of their songs marked as favorite in Funkwhale and I do periodically listen to my favorites radio. Other possible wildcards: Ramin Djawadi (pos 27 with 983 scrobbles) has appeared two years in a row in my top annual artists or albums for his TV soundtracks. Some nostalgia-fueled days could maybe bring DC Talk (pos 21 – 1095 scrobbles) into contention. Macroblank is pretty low at 51 with 602 scrobbles, but I could see myself throwing on a bunch of their albums to work on some important stuff at work. Outside of that I’d be making some pretty wild guesses thanks to the long tale and the fact that most of the top 100 have quite a journey to make to the top 15.

Top Overall Albums

I didn’t report on top overall albums in the past, so I don’t have any comparisons to make here. I think I’ll just have the list here without commentary this year. 

1. Bee Gees – The Ultimate Bee Gees (1337)

2. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Luxury (973)

3. Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere (923)

4. Anberlin – Blueprints For The Black Market (894)

5. Five Iron Frenzy – The End Is Here (878)

6. Anberlin – Never Take Friendship Personal (835)

7. Andrea Echeverri – Andrea Echeverri (833)

8. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Beautiful (793)

9. I Fight Dragons – Canon Eyes (739)

10. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (708)

11. Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap (697)

12. Louis Jordan – The Best Of Louis Jordan (675)

13. Pizzicato Five – Happy End of the World (581)

14. Five Iron Frenzy – Engine of a Million Plots (550)

15. MxPx – MxPx (549)

Top Overall Tracks

Until they eventually fall off, there are some top tracks here that rose to the ranks last year because of the way last.fm was scrobbling on my phone at the time, examples are 1, 2, and 4.

1. gog.com – Stardeus – Trailer (623) (no change)

2. BeothSlayed – Eddie Izzard – Godspeed from “Circle” (2002) (464) (no change)

3. Dissidente – Atlantis (350) (no change)

4. Humble Bundle – Humble Bundle Presents: Construction Simulator (2015) Deluxe Edition (311) (no change)

5. I Fight Dragons – Artifact (311) (no change)

6. Team17 – Neon Abyss | Launch Trailer (209) (no change)

7. Liberty X – Just a Little (187) (no change)

8. Elaine Li – Beginners (Ragnarok Online II) (156) (no change)

9. The PDX Broadsides – Tiny Little Octopus (130) (up from 11) – the kids REALLY like this song and often request it.

10. Jonathan Coulton – The Princess Who Saved Herself (128) (drops from 9)

11. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood (123) (drops from 10)

12. alyankovicVEVO – “Weird Al” Yankovic – Fat (Official Music Video) (118) (no change)

13. Five Iron Frenzy – Handbook For The Sellout (115) (no change)

14. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Steppin’ Out (111) (no change)

15. Five Iron Frenzy – Blue Comb ’78 (108) (new to the list) – This is one of my favorite of the sillier songs that FIF wrote. It’s silly, but it’s still a good song sonically. It also manages to convey some truth about nostalgia. 

Off the list this year:

  • Gnarls Barkley – Who Cares (107)

Predictions for future years

It takes a lot of listens to any one song to get on this list, making it harder than either the artist or album list. Especially because I’m usually listening to my music on random, it takes a lot for repeats to happen. There are lots of Anberlin songs that are just a few scrobbles away from climbing this list. I think fully half this list is within reach of the songs in the 16-60 positions. Time will tell if we get a surprise breakout song.

Stats from Last.fm Email

  • Total Artists: 2622
  • Total Albums: 3664
  • Total Tracks: 8393
  • Total Scrobbles 14594
  • Listened to 35 days 9 hours of music
    • 566 cassette tapes
    • Fly to moon 11 times
  • 56th Top listener of Five Iron Frenzy
  • 68th Top listener of Chocobo & Chill
  • 22nd top listener of MxPx – Cautious Optimistic
  • Top tag was Rock
  • Favorite time to listen 10am
  • Most Scrobbles 14 Jan


Once again used for discovering new artists. Below you’ll find a link to my top songs of 2023


1. Gorillaz  –  Cracker Island (feat. Thundercat)

2. C. Tangana  –  Comerte Entera

3. Rick and Morty  –  Don’t Look Back (feat. Kotomi & Ryan Elder) [From Rick and Morty: Season 4] – Of the songs played on Rick and Morty that appear on the soundtrack, this is one of best ones. I love the lyrics, the music, and how well it was used in the show.

4. C. Tangana  –  Nunca Estoy

5. Gorillaz  –  New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown)


7. Rick and Morty  –  Rick and Morty Theme

8. C. Tangana  –  Un Veneno – G-Mix

9. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  Lo Hice, Te Dejé


11. Fantasy League  –  Cliffs of Moher – I forgot having listened to this band in 2023. It involves one of the Five Iron Frenzy members. It’s a good album.

12. C. Tangana  –  Ingobernable

13. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  ¿Qué Se Siente Que Me Gustes Tanto?

14. Rick and Morty  –  Jerry’s Rick

15. Fantasy League  –  Imaginary Lines

16. C. Tangana  –  Demasiadas Mujeres


18. Rick and Morty  –  The Battle of Blood Ridge (feat. Thomas Edinger & Ryan Elder) [From Rick and Morty: Season 5] – This song is most awesome for how it’s deployed in the show, but it is REALLY epic. And when you hear the R&M theme in the background, it’s just so perfect!

19. Fantasy League  –  Blind

20. C. Tangana  –  Te Olvidaste

21. KAROL G  –  TQG

22. Rick and Morty  –  Flowers (feat. Ryan Elder & Mark Mallman) [From Rick and Morty: Season 5]

23. Chief Takinawa  –  Just Peachy – this one has appeared on this list for a few years now – I really like it.

24. C. Tangana  –  Nominao

25. Gorillaz  –  Tormenta (feat. Bad Bunny)

26. Rick and Morty  –  The Rick Dance


28. C. Tangana  –  Párteme La Cara

29. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  Hoy No

30. Rick and Morty  –  African Dream Pop

31. Future  –  Mask Off – this is an example of a song that appeared on Rick and Morty, but wasn’t created specifically for the show. It’s from the episode where Morty gets a Dragon and the scene with this song is pretty funny.

32. C. Tangana  –  Los Tontos


34. Rick and Morty  –  Borrowed Time (From Rick and Morty: Season 5) – this is the second best song created for the show and it stirs my heart every time I hear it

35. Gorillaz  –  Baby Queen

36. C. Tangana  –  Cuándo Olvidaré

37. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  Diez Pasos Hacia Ti

38. Rick and Morty  –  Tales from the Citadel


40. C. Tangana  –  CAMBIA!

41. Gorillaz  –  Silent Running (feat. Adeleye Omotayo)


43. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  Sólo Tú

44. C. Tangana  –  Muriendo De Envidia

45. Rick and Morty  –  Goodbye Moonmen

46. Becky G  –  MAMIII

47. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  Es Verdad

48. C. Tangana  –  Hong Kong

49. Rick and Morty  –  Losing a Friend (feat. Ryan Elder) [From Rick and Morty: Season 4]


51. Gorillaz  –  Skinny Ape

52. Silvana Estrada  –  Tenías Que Ser Tú

53. Rick and Morty  –  Get Schwifty (C-131)


55. Gorillaz  –  Tarantula

56. KAROL G  –  La Vida Es Una (From Puss in Boots: The Last Wish)

57. Sen Senra  –  86.400

58. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  Somos Algo

59. Gorillaz  –  Rhinestone Eyes

60. Fantasy League  –  Butterfly

61. KAROL G  –  200 COPAS

62. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  Lágrimas y Lluvia

63. Gorillaz  –  On Melancholy Hill

64. Chaos Chaos  –  Memories

65. Fantasy League  –  This Light

66. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  Soy – Remix

67. Gorillaz  –  Clint Eastwood

68. Rick and Morty  –  Night Family (feat. Ryan Elder) – [from “Rick and Morty: Season 6”]


70. Los Rumberos  –  Serenatas Frente al Mar

71. Gorillaz  –  Oil (feat. Stevie Nicks)



74. Fantasy League  –  Lights Down Low

75. Gorillaz  –  The Tired Influencer

76. Rick and Morty  –  Unity Says Goodbye


78. Daniel, Me Estás Matando  –  Intro

79. Gorillaz  –  Possession Island (feat. Beck)

80. Rick and Morty  –  The Flu Hatin’ Rap

81. Mau y Ricky  –  Mi Mala (feat. Becky G, Leslie Grace & Lali) – Remix

82. Future  –  Solo

83. Gorillaz  –  Controllah (feat. MC Bin Laden)

84. Rick and Morty  –  Camping (feat. Dan Harmon & Ryan Elder) [From Rick and Morty: Season 4]

85. Gloria Trevi  –  Hijoepu*#

86. Bad Bunny  –  Ojitos Lindos

87. Girl Ultra  –  DameLove (feat. Cuco)

88. Rick and Morty  –  Snake Jazz (feat. Ryan Elder) [From Rick and Morty: Season 4]

89. KAROL G  –  La Vida Continuó

90. Bizarrap  –  Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53


92. Rick and Morty  –  Help Me I’m Gonna Die

93. KAROL G  –  S91

94. Sebastian Yatra  –  Una Noche Sin Pensar

95. Manuel Turizo  –  La Bachata

96. Rick and Morty  –  The Small Intestine Song

97. Kakkmaddafakka  –  Frequency

98. Dj Cutman  –  Flight Club

99. Diamante Eléctrico  –  Sálvese Quien Pueda100. Rick and Morty  –  Two Crows Theme (feat. Ryan Elder & Cecilia Gault) [From Rick and Morty: Season 5