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  • Review: Love Hina Vol 11

    Love Hina, Vol. 11 by Ken Akamatsu My rating: 2 of 5 stars I started reading this series 10 years ago. For whatever reason, I stopped a couple books short from the end. Last year I started re-reading them for a series over on Comic POW! (… ) Overall, I’ve enjoyed the story almost […]

  • How Best to Rip and Manage Your Own (legally purchased) DVDs to create your own Netflix Instant

    I had two reasons for starting this project: 1) my wife and I like to collect Disney movies from our youth.  These movies are most likely to be watched by kids and kids are likely to damage DVDs.  I’ve heard lots of anecdotes on the net from parents who are on their fourth purchase of […]

  • Otakon 2010

    Just like last year, I went to Otakon, but didn’t pay to get in.  Perhaps next year.  So, like last year, I mostly photographed people  under the the awning of the convention center.  Unlike last year, I asked lots of people if I could photograph them.  It paid off as I was able to get lots […]

  • Otakon 2009

    For the first time since moving here, I found out about Otakon ahead of time. Unfortunately, the economics didn’t work out we didn’t buy tickets. But I did go to hang out outside Otakon on Saturday to get some photos. Lessons learned: Remember what you learned in Hawaii and don’t be afraid to approach people. […]

  • Awesome? Or Too Much Time on His/Her Hands?

    Someone decided to represent all of the Linux Distributions as Anime girls.  What do you think?  Does it represent the attitude of your favorite distro?

  • Hello Kitty Hell!

    Recently, a coworker of mine showed me the website Hello Kitty Hell.  This is a website created by someone who’s wife sells Hello Kitty items.  If there is a young girl or, occasionally, woman in your life who is into the Hello Kitty Phenomenon, you doubtless know how much crap there is that can be […]

  • Charlie Brown – Manga Style!

    Check out this link to see some really awesome shots of Charlie Brown – redone in manga style! Here’s one sample:    

  • Bizzarre Stats

    I don’t know wtf is going on with Google, but according to my web stats, 66 of you came here looking for info on anime conventions (this month alone). I’ve never talked much about them except to put up a picture of someone from an anime convention. It was this one or two: Apparently there […]

  • Cosplay

    Cosplay, for the uninitiated, is dressing up as a fictional character; in the US it tends to specifically mean dressing up as anime or video game characters. Anime Conventions are known for the fans cosplaying and coming up with elaborate costumes which can sometimes take months to develop. I missed Otakon (Baltimore Anime Convention) for […]

  • when direct mailing goes wrong (though not horribly wrong)

    I used to to love Anime. I don’t hate it now, but I don’t have as much zeal for it as I used to. Two things happened. First of all, anime is very expensive. Most DVDs have four episodes and cost $24 dollars. Usually it takes 6 DVDs to complete a season or $150 + […]