The Papermoon Diner

When Dan and Katie were last in town, they invited Scarlett and I out to the Papermoon Diner. If you’ve seen John Waters movies and wondered if that Baltimore still exists, it certainly has one enclave at the Papermoon Diner. If you’ve been to a TGI Friday’s or a Chili’s you’ve seen restaurants with crap on the walls.

Tchotchkes from Office Space
Tchotchkes from Office Space

Well, the Papermoon Diner takes that and filters it through a Baltimore sensibility:

What about the food? It’s also all slightly different takes on what you’re used to and I wouldn’t quite call it diner food. I guess diner food crossed with Americana TGIF-type food, but I think it’s all locally sourced. It doesn’t matter because the staff is pretty friendly to substitutions. While I was there I heard the person behind me substitute so much in and out of what she ordered, that she essentially created her own dish.

I thought the food was OK – it was hard to know ahead of time if I’d like it because of the slightly esoteric nature of the ingredients. But the social aspect of the visit was a lot of fun and Scarlett was overwhelmed by all the stuff everywhere.