Yesterday and Today’s Programming: Scratch

Stella’s Project

Because last week was busy with house projects, this week I continued the ocean/water-themed programming from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The first project was a game I made with Stella (her first computer game creation), a boat race in Scratch. While we mostly stuck to the tutorial, we did partake in the challenges, including adding a shark and figuring how to have background music (which Stella chose on her own). That turned out to be really tough as my attempts to figure out how to use the loops led to stuttering. Eventually I figured it out and you can see what I did, the rest of the code, and how the game plays by watching the video below:

Scarlett’s Project

Of course, it turns out that if I had done Scarlett’s project first, I would have learned how to play music in the background of a scratch game. Scarlett’s Scratch project was to make a synchronized swim for Scratch the Cat. Scarlett’s customization was to chose the music as well as the ability to choose how many cats were in the pool for the swim. Check out the video below to see the code as well as what the final project looked like:


One response to “Yesterday and Today’s Programming: Scratch”

  1. Scarlett, your coding with Scratch really made a Splash! Thank you for sharing with me, and I love what you and your dad are doing. Scarlett’s boat race was a-MAZE-ing! Thanks for sharing.