March Video Games

Spelunky!  (5 hours):

Proving the worth of Let’s Play videos to anyone on the publishing side who still doesn’t believe, when Dan first told me about Spelunky! it didn’t sound like something I’d enjoy. When I got around to watching Dan’s Let’s Play videos, I decided it was indeed something I’d enjoy. Five hours later….I’m still enjoying it – mostly because of the endless variety that comes from the walls that are constantly shifting.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2 hours):

My second XCOM run ends as I defeat it with the Enemy Within expansion pack (as we used to call DLC back in the day).

Civilization V (PC) (1 hour):

Our multi-year multi-player games continue!

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth (45 minutes):

I play a session as I get back into this game.