January 2016 Video Games

Because I’ve staggered the publishing of new videos on Youtube, not all of them may be visible on the embeds in this blog post on the day it goes live. For example, I think I created 14 videos for Torchlight in January, but at the moment only 11 are live.

Torchlight (23 hours):

I decide to check out this spiritual successor to Diablo, having never played Diablo. It is a nice game to play after stressful day – just clicking on bad guys and traveling around without much thought.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (really Enemy Within) (6 hours):

Having just finished Enemy Unknown, I didn’t think I’d want to play the Enemy Within expansion any time soon. But it adds enough new mechanics and missions to make it feel like a different game.

Civilization V (2 hours):

Dan and Dave have stepped up their turn-taking so we start to make some progress.

Civilization: Beyond Earth (2 hours):

I started up my second game in Beyond Earth. The first few turns were a bit blah – I don’t have as much affinity to Beyond Earth as I have to vanilla Civ – but eventually it became a classic “one more turn” game.

New Super Mario Bros (2 hours):

Scarlett and I start playing this game and hijinks immediately ensue.

Pixel Piracy (45 minutes):

It’s not for me, but at least I gave it a shot.

Botanicula (30 minutes):

The art style is great. The puzzles are crazy. The world is like an acid trip.

Cthulhu Saves the World (26 minutes):

I’m on the fence on whether I’m going to like this game or whether it’s being a bit too cheeky.