Listening Habits 2012 Q3

For the first time since I started keeping track The Beatles did NOT make the list!  That’s mostly because I have been acquiring TONS of new music (over one thousand tracks) in this quarter and haven’t really been listening on random as much.  Although my artist doesn’t have as many listens as some other quarters, I think this is the first (or second, at most) time where my artist has more than 20 listens.  There are some great new artists making their debuts on my list and hopefully you can discover some new music to listen to!

1. Vernian Process (57 listens) – discovered this via the Game Music 4 All website that I discovered this quarter.  Vernian Process had some orchestrated covers of Final Fantasy and Sonic the Hedgehog music that were really nice.  According to the website he’d planned to do some more, but appears to have ditched that effort to make some original music.  It’s a shame, because I really do like his covers.

2. MC Frontalot (56 listens) – As part of the Humble Music bundle got a collection of his greatest hits.  Contains some neat songs I hadn’t heard before.  I’d probably listen to more of The Front if my wife didn’t hate it so much.

3. Christopher Tin (50 listens) – Another artist whose plays are mostly due to the Humble Music Bundle.  His world music CD has some great tracks including “Babba Yetu”, the theme song to Civilization IV.  I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

4. Hitoshi Sakimoto (46 listens) – Yet another Humble Music Bundle artist.  His entry was the soundtrack to an RPG Dan had lent me.  It was OK.

4. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (46 listens) – This comes from the astounding album Rome.  These two created an album that pays tribute to the Spaghetti Western soundtracks that Daniele Luppi used to work on.  The music sounds awesome.  My favorite track is one with Jack White on vocals called “Two Against One”.  If counted plays in the car this album would probably be at least 2nd place, if not first place, this quarter.

6. Jake Kaufman (37 listens) – He worked on a bunch of video game remix albums that I’ve been listening to lately

7. The Weeknd (36 listens) – This dude is extremely talented!  He’s a Canadian R&B singer who just got a record deal to remaster his three albums.  He’s got an amazing voice.  On “D.D.”, his cover of “Dirty Diana”, a lot of people who listen without foreknowledge of what they’re listening to think it’s Michael Jackson.  If there’s one negative – the material’s pretty explicit so you can’t just listen to it anywhere.

8. Anamanaguchi (31 listens) – listened to them while working on my masters homework so I could really focus on it.  I continue to love their sound.  When their next album comes out I’ll have to add it to my wishlist.

9. Relient K (30 listens) – got some great listens from Relient K while listening to my music on random.  Continue to love this music, especially the earlier stuff.

10. Nobuo Uematsu (29 listens) – Final Fantasy Soundtracks!

10. Childish Gambino (29 listens) – these tracks must either have been very spread out or early on in the quarter because I don’t remember listening to it.  I’m pretty much over the songs I have so I probably won’t do too much listening until I get the new album.

12. Jonathan Coulton (28 listens) – Most of these came from his entry into the Humble Music Bundle.  I had a lot of these songs, but also picked up some great songs I’d never heard before.  I’ll need to try and manually add this in so that I can hear them a few more times.

13. Lana Del Rey (28 listens) – great new album!  I hated “Video Games” when I heard it and wrote her off.  Danielle heard some more tracks on Pandora and bought the CD.  It’s a great CD, I think I like all but two of the songs.  My favorites are “Off to the Races”, “Carmen” and “This is what Makes Us Girls”.  The latter I love for its seemingly autobiographical and touching lyrics.

14. Quarter Circle Jab (25 listens) – Some more video game remixes.  I wasn’t as much of a fan of these guys as the remixers on this list.

15. They Might Be Giants (23 listens) – came from their Humble Music Bundle entry.  Turns out I don’t really like more than a handful of TMBG songs.  (I only know about them at all because of their Tiny Toons episode a long time ago in which the episode was set to at least two of their songs: “Istanbul (Constantinople)” and “Triangle Man”)


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